Café Review: Goat Coffee Co.

Sex, drugs, & rock n’ roll Just coffee for me, thanks!”
Such reads one of the many quirky invitations chalked onto the sidewalk sign outside of Goat Coffee Co.
As a student at the Centennial Collegecampus around the corner, Goat Coffee has easily become my go-to spot in Pape Village. Not only does the vintage-styled lighting call to me, but also the interior atmosphere of wood and red brick, which commands me to pull up a chair and borough into my books for the next hour.
Local couple Anna and Damian Michaelidis, who opened the café this passed October, can frequently be found behind the espresso bar. Damian’s excitement for the joint is clear; he offers menu suggestions to customers after listening to their likes and dislikes, and, when noticing my attraction to the tea selection, immediately presented me with a box of the entire collection. He then walked me through the scents and flavours until I had picked the winning pouch of loose-leaf.
Besides the attentive customer service and quality of coffee beverages—Goat Coffee uses Classic Gourmet Coffee’s Rufino Espresso—the café offers a delicious selection of sandwiches and soups. Vegan and gluten-free consumers will also find options in the pastry display and food menu. From brunch options to daily specials, I’ve yet to be less than overjoyed with the menu and overall presentation of Goat Coffee.

Photo taken from Goatcoffeeco Instagram Account
Photo taken from Goatcoffeeco Instagram Account

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