Fashion Friday #7


Every so often I will see someone while walking down the street and think I know them. I don’t. I do know their clothes though, and that’s what tricks my brain into thinking that person is familiar. I know their clothes because the same outfit is tucked away in my closet. If I really do know that person, then I will try to convince them to coordinate our outfits, but I am always rejected (Thanks, Robbie).

In the case of Mehreen and Sarah though – a joyful happenstance occurred and they turned up one day almost looking like mirrored versions of each other. Once they saw the resemblance, I watched with bated breath. Would they fight, like popular culture would have us believe, just because they looked so similar? Nope. They laughed it off and revelled in the sameness that their look afforded them.

Even though their sweaters have subtle differences (Sarah’s is softer in colour, with wider hems and cuffs while Mehreen’s is darker and has small cutouts running down the side) both are beautiful, and pair wonderfully with both yoga pants and jeans. The ladies finish off the look with dark sturdy boots. It’s a casual look that’s effortless and trendy.

As SpongeBob Squarepants once sang, “The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.” I couldn’t agree more. Stripes are a popular pattern, but are also entrenched in scandal. The age old question of whether vertical stripes make you look taller and thinner (thanks to a visual effect called the Helmholtz illusion) has been hotly contested. There are scientists (yes, actual scientists) who think that it is in fact horizontal stripes that are slimming and there are others who argue that vertical stripes create a taller, slimmer look. My take? It depends on the specific striated striped pattern, the distance between and the thickness of the lines. So don’t be afraid! Go try on that striped sweater. Show off your stripes!

Anyka Davis is a vertically-challenged tea addict, who is fighting the good fight against socks-with-sandals wearers and tall cabinets. Her secret shame is her love for bad puns, but she hopes that one day she’ll actually be funny. You can follow her on Twitter (@MsAnyD) and Instagram (ANKATD) for random pictures of objects.

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