6 Reasons Hermione Granger Should Have Stayed Single

Forget about Ron or Harry. Hermione would have done better alone.


1) Ron is too needy

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He was always begging for attention. Having a big family wasn’t an excuse for him to act this way.

2) Harry’s ego is annoying

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You know, since he is “the chosen one” and all…

3) She’s usually acts as the “mom” of the group

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And seriously…what kind of sick person would find it appealing to marry their mom?

4) She is smarter than the both of them, combined

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Hermione was the one who solved every problem the three friends came across. Ron was usually useless and Harry would always screw everything up until the very end—and then take all the credit!

5) Ron is a little pathetic

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Throughout the 7 books, Ron experienced only three emotions—jealousy, when he saw someone look at Hermione; envy, of Harry’s success; and inadequacy, compared to his friends and family. Honestly, Hermione could have gotten herself a more confident man!

6) Hermione obviously settled

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She was beautiful enough to pick any man she desired, and intelligent enough to become the next Headmaster of Hogwarts. And yet, in the J.K. Rowling version of things, she married boring Ron Weasley. What a waste!

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