Review: Time Capsule Board Game Café

“More than just a bar”.  That’s the inspiration behind the Danforth’s newest board game café: Time Capsule. The co-owners Dimitry Skrypal and Igor Muratov wanted to create an environment that was casual, yet fun, and as soon as you walk into the place, you really can feel that vibe.

The two were inspired to open the café after seeing the many different types of cafés in Europe. But they didn’t want it to be just another board game café. Instead, they got it licensed to serve alcohol and have introduced other activities, including foosball, pool, and video games. The joint really does offer all of the elements required for a casual night out.

Waking in, the café is a lot larger than you’d expect. Right away you have a view of the bar, pool table, and custom-themed mural. The space expands to your left where you are faced with a wall of board games, a group of large tables to sit at, and a section of TVs, couches, and bean bag chairs straight out of a gamer’s wildest dreams. At night, the venue comes alive with lava lamps and special lighting, creating more of a night-time atmosphere. It’s the perfect mix of bar and club.

Time Capsule Cafe

At the bar, they have a variety of drinks to choose from; everything from bubble tea, to milkshakes, to wine and beer. There really is something for whatever mood you’re in.  They also offer an assortment of food including nachos (my personal favourite), popcorn, and poutine to satisfy your snacking needs.

As much fun as all the gaming may be, half the experience comes from talking to the owners. Skrypal and Muratov are incredibly welcoming and have so many interesting stories to tell about what inspired them to move to Toronto and start up the café. I have to admit that I gave up on my game of Life (which I was winning) to continue chatting with them.

Time Capsule Cafe

Time Capsule Board Game Café is located at 2183 Danforth Avenue and has been open for just over four months.   The original plan was to open in Burlington but when this space on the Danforth opened up, the two couldn’t pass up the opportunity. After completely redoing the interior, the café was open for business and has become a staple on the Danforth: perfect for a Friday night out, or a first date.

Time Capsule Cafe

Time Capsule has a gaming fee of $6 for adults and $3 for children.

Photos by Michelle Skelsey


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