Looking for a Holiday Hobby?

How To Make Unique Soaps from Home, On a Budget

BY AISHA STAMBOULI, Service Enhancement Consultant & Urban homesteader



What You’ll Need:

· Goat milk & glycerin base

            · Essential oils (try wintry scents

                  like nutmeg, peppermint or pine)

                                         · Soap molds or small Tupperware containers

Making soap can be simple, given the proper ingredients. I enjoy using a goat milk and glycerin base, which can be purchased at Michaels or at a similar crafts store.

Next, I choose a blend of aromas. I usually use a combination of rosemary and lavender, or pine and cedar wood. I would suggest using twenty drops of organic essential oils, which tend to be stronger in scent and more natural.

Start by melting the goat milk and glycerin base in a large pot on low heat. Stirring throughout the heating process is very important in order to avoid burning or bubbling in the soap base. Once half of the base is melted, I add in the essential oils. If I want to use an exfoliant, I add oats.


Once the soap is completely melted, I pour it into my molds. Soap molds can also be purchased at a craft store, or you can use small plastic Tupperware containers.

Depending on the herb used to create the scent, or if you have an herb garden, you can stick herbs on top of the soap for decoration—like rosemary or pine. This adds a wintry touch for holiday gifts.

In order to speed up the soap-making process, you can put the molds in the refrigerator and the soap will be ready in two hours. Enjoy your soap-making journey!

*OTD Tip: Use scrapbooking stationary and twine to gift-wrap each soap bar for a rustic look.

Photos provided by Aisha Stambouli

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