13 Things You Should Have By the Time You Are 30


1) The right hair style

When you’re in your 20’s, it’s understandable if you haven’t found the hairstyle that best fits your face and personality. But you cannot hit 30 and still do your hair like prince charming—nobody finds that sexy!

2) Something different to wear to a wedding, funeral and job interview

Because it’s frowned upon to wear the same dress to your aunt’s funeral and your cousin’s wedding.

3) An idea of what you need in a partner

It’s not about dating a pretty face or a tight ass anymore.

4) Your own place

It hits a certain age where it’s just wrong to know what kind of pajamas your dad wears every day.

5) Sexual experience

Maybe in the olden days it was considered romantic, but in this century you cannot turn 30 without having touched somebody else’s ass, at least! Ask anybody.

6) Good teeth

It’s okay to be a 15 year old wearing braces, but a 32 year old? Not so much.

7) A good bed

When you get to a certain age you realize there’s only a few things that are as important as a good night sleep, and you can only have that with a good mattress!

8) The right group of friends

Quality is so much better than quantity.

9) Knowledge of the kind of skin you have

Is it greasy or dry? This information is essential! Otherwise how would you know what kind of creams to use to keep your pretty face intact?

10) Good shoes

You just cannot keep going to parties with the same white tennis you wear to the gym.

11) The confidence to ask for a raise

And the ability to do so!

12) A favourite bra
Both men and women should have a bra—or the memory of one—that makes them drool.

13) The ability to eat by yourself in public

Whoever has done this knows it’s not easy. You need a lot of confidence to walk to a restaurant and ask for a table for one. But when you do, it’s impressive!

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