Dog Parks for East-Enders

It won’t be ruff for your pooch to make friends in these parks


Owning a dog in the city can be tough, and providing an energetic dog with proper exercise and social interaction can be extremely time-consuming, depending on your location. On the Danforth has compiled this list of East-end, off-leash dog parks where your canine companion can play catch,  frisbee, or even get their energy out playing with other dogs while you sit back and relax.

F (Fenced-in)

Gerrard Carlaw Parkette | 855 Gerrard St. E | F

While this park is small, it’s quite busy with other dog-walkers and their pets. If your dog plays well with others, they’ll love this spot. On the down side, the ground is made up of wooden chips and dirt, meaning it can get messy during the springtime or on rainy days.

Greenwood Park | 150 Greenwood Avenue at Dundas Street East | F

While the entire park is large and coated in grass, the dog park is a smaller, fenced in plot with sand. That said, it’s located in a residential neighbourhood on the edge of Leslieville, ensuring lots of socializing for your dog.

Hideaway Park | 23 Audley Ave. | F


This is a small, paved park in Leslieville, just one short block south of Dundas St. E. If your pooch is of a breed that requires little exercise, this spot is perfect for quick, off-leash walks.

Kew Gardens | 2075 Queen Street East at Lee Avenue

Located in The Beach neighbourhood, this park is prime for visiting in the summer months. Because the dog park is only partially fenced, use your discretion when deciding whether or not to remove the leash from your dog, for their own safety.

Merrill Bridge Road Park | 1 East Lynn Ave. 

Expect lots of socializing for your pooch and a friendly community of dog owners. This location is supported by the Merrill Park Dog Association.

Monarch Park | 115 Hanson StreetIMG_20150222_182048

Just a five minute walk from the Danforth, this modest sized park is a great fit for all breeds. With small hills and enough space for energetic dogs to run themselves tired, this location also has a sense of intimacy, with varying levels of cleared ground. You can expect at least five other dogs to be present at any point in the day. This is a partially fenced-in area.

Norwood Park | 16 Norwood Road | F

This spot is located just south of the Danforth and east of Woodbine in the Upper Beaches.

Oackcrest Park | 30 Oakcrest Avenue at Woodbine Avenue 

This is a medium-sized location in the Upper Beaches.

Riverdale Park East | 550 Broadview Ave

If your furry friend is an energetic breed, the massive space of this park offers plenty of grassy running-room. The park is shared with people playing sports, jogging and more, so be sure that your dog is obedient to you and friendly with others before you try this location.

Thompson Street Parkette | 120 Broadview Ave | F

Another small to medium park, this spot is just two blocks north of Queen St. E.

Withrow Park | 725 Logan Avenue at Danforth Ave.

 This is a nice, medium-sized park with some running room and even picnic tables, located just a few blocks south of the Danforth.


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Photo (bottom) taken by Emily Sine at Monarch Park


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    This is a great article for dogs and dog owners. Pet owners can feel safe lettings their dogs play freely and feel included in near by parks and neighbourhoods

  • A.J. Benjamin

    This is great!
    What a helpful list of options for dog owners living in the city. I had no idea there were so many choices to pick from. It allows for inclusion of people and their pets, freedom to enjoy the outdoors and opportunities to meet and mingle with other people and pups.

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