Last Minute Shoppers’ Survival Guide

Are the holidays sneaking up faster than you expected? Are you realizing that your free time is non-existent? Everyone is busy leading up to the holidays and you’ve probably chosen sleeping in and watching movies over braving the masses at the mall. Here are a few tips that will help you make it to your holiday parties unscathed, gifts in hand.

Online Orders

Though some may think it’s foolish to order online so late in the holiday shopping game, if you order from places with quick delivery times (like Amazon or Chapters) you can get your shopping done without even leaving your house.

Have a Game Plan

Browsing is not an option. Know what you want to buy, and find it quickly. Get in, get out.

Avoid the Crowds

Try to shop early in the morning and late at night. Take advantage of stores that have extended holiday hours and aim to shop when most people will be elsewhere. Going right when a store opens can also be a great way to beat the rush.

Stay Away from Speciality Stores

Shopping at more general stores allows you to have a greater variety of gift options. One store, one present search, one check-out line. This should save you valuable time.


Another easy-to-get present, most subscription services can be done online. They can be done for many different things – magazines, theatre memberships, subscription boxes and more – which makes them the perfect option for anyone on your shopping list. An added benefit? This is a gift that keeps on giving!

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