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Finding the One: Review of The Ten Spot Beauty Bar

When I moved back to the Danforth, I knew that with any move comes change, but I didn’t anticipate how much trial and error went into re-establishing your regular practices. You know, things like your morning coffee and occasional midnight medium-pizza (maybe that last one is just me). Searching for my new go-to’s was much like searching for the one, tiring and hard on the spirit. Finding a beauty bar was no different. Every girl (and sometimes boy) has their special place, where they spend countless hours every month being picked, pulled, and painted. A place where you vent to your esthetician, divulging your deepest, darkest secrets, searching for that great, unbiased advice that only a good esthetician can give you. A place that transcends time, that never fails to make you feel like the best version of yourself. Well, a couple bad waxes and messy manicures later, I finally found everything that I was looking for at The Ten Spot, Danforth location.

tenspot1So, what’s so special about this place? According to franchise partner Alisha V., “It’s the anti-spa, spa,” a spa sans all the fluff. The staff make you feel welcome and relaxed moments after entering the door, offering you a beverage and taking your coat with a smile. They have a high standard of beauty, which becomes obvious when you look at their wall of products, carrying top-shelf brands, all hand-picked by The Ten Spot’s CEO Kristen Wood. These products are exclusive, meaning you may not find them anywhere else.Their signature service is the Brazilian wax, or “Brazilly®,” as they call it ($50.00), which makes the more painful of beauty rituals as enjoyable as possible. Hiral (my new wax god) makes pleasant conversation as the TV show Friends plays behind her. Rachel, Monica and Pheobe had me giggling throughout the entire process (yes, you can giggle through this process). What makes this service unique is the use of both soft and hard wax Hiral uses; both waxes work together to minimize discomfort (and pain).

tenspot2On my most recent visit to the spa, I had the Quickie Manicure ($22.00) with yet another talented esthetician, Jennifer. What’s involved in their manicure? Well, The Ten Spot has its own line of products, from scrub to lotion to nail polish. All of which you get to experience in the longer version of this service, The Manicure ($30.00) The line is called “Get Nailed,” which has a rather hysterical line of nail polish names. I sifted through the sultry collection picking up “You live with your mom?” “My house is closer,” and “Shhh, you’ll wake my dad.” In true form, I finally decided on “Got an extra toothbrush?” a gorgeous boysenberry purple and took my seat. I chatted with Jennifer for the next 45 minutes; we talked about her daughter, beauty products, and my love life. Before I knew it, we were finished, and my nails looked fresh and fabulous.

With just two visits, I felt a part of the club and I am sure you will too. If this review doesn’t get you, then their loyalty program called “Friends with Benefits” will be sure to seal the deal. This program offers major perks, like after 10 times getting the same service, you get the next one free! Friend referrals will get you 50 points ($5.00 off), and, if you work out the math, essentially their point system gets you 10% off each service! I mean, what’s better than an incentive to treat yourself on the reg. It’s economical!

No matter what you desire (mani/pedi/brazilly®/facial), you will be sure to find the best version of it and so much more at The Ten Spot, Danforth location. Be sure to book a few days in advance, something tells me the secret is out.

Photography by Ashley Posluns

Wendy is our resident Danforth expert and a copyeditor for the On the Danforth summer issue. She loves the smell of the airport, vodka martinis, and a good dance party. Follow her crazy life on Instagram.


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