Review of Allure Body Bar Waxing Specialists: Offering More Than Just A Stylish Package

Toronto’s Danforth Ave. is quickly becoming a playground for the young and the established. The mecca of sophisticated restaurants, designer coffee shops, and contemporary boutiques have a uniquely southeastern European feel. Nestled among some of Danforth’s hot spots you will find a little piece of heaven dedicated to all your waxing needs by the specialists at Allure Body Bar.

Allure Body Bar offers various waxing services and caters to both men and women and prides itself on making everyone feel welcome. The Waxing Specialists promise their clients a clean and relaxing atmosphere where they can feel at ease while their Curly Q’s receive the special treatment they deserve.

Continually well informed, the Waxing Specialists are trained, educated, and current with the latest trends and products in the industry. Using only PH balanced, high quality ingredients, you can be certain your waxing experience before, during and after, will be a good one. This multiple award winning beauty and grooming bar can promise high standards of professionalism at an always-affordable cost.

The most popular service for women is the Quickzilian ($35). Where most Brazilian waxes can take anywhere from 35-40 minutes—the Quickzilian gets you in and out in an astonishing eight minutes and is a favorite among its female clients. Offering varying designs, shapes, and styles women can choose from the always-popular Landing Strip to the deceptive Love Triangle, or for the girl on the go, The Pencil—Allure Body Bar can take your look to the next level.

When asked why Allure Body Bar is so popular among its clients its obvious from the response it reaches far beyond their fabulous waxing services. Indeed, one devoted client had a simple but accurate response to sum up why this beauty and grooming bar is a leader in its field, “All my friends and I go there. It’s a very laid back environment and everyone always makes you feel comfortable. You’re in and out of there in no time, and they make the painful experience of waxing actually something to look forward too (laughs)”.

The Back Wax (full $41) remains the most popular service for men. If having your back waxed isn’t quite your thing, try something new this Spring such as the Manzilian ($65). This Brazilian bikini wax for men promises “a bigger looking and fresher package” something all men can certainly appreciate.

The Manzilian is a fun and inexpensive way to express yourself where it sometimes counts the most. Similar to the Quickzilian, the Manzilian offers varying designs, shapes and styles. Your pride and glory will thank you, and so will the ladies. From the Squeaky Clean to This Way 4 Fun (I will let you ponder that one for a minute) to the evanescent Martini Bikini, or the daring, and not for the faint of heart, Heart Attack—Allure Body Bar will have you ready for business.

If you happen to be one of those men who are a waxing newbie and are uncomfortable with the idea of getting something waxed—don’t be. Indeed, for Allure Body Bar owner Alaa Abbassi believes it’s important for all their clients to feel relaxed and secure: “It’s all about balance and accommodating both sexes. We always make sure everyone feels welcome.”

In many ways, Allure Body Bar is a trailblazer in their field because they are the first to use anal and vaginal bleaching products that are not only safe, but also free from Kojic and Hydroquinone Acid.

What is often thought of as a taboo practice, anal and vaginal bleaching is a common concern and there is nothing to feel ashamed about. According to their site (, “There are many causes that can cause this discolouration to occur such as age, hormones, medication, weight gain or just friction from clothing and skin rubbing against the area.” You can also be guaranteed that Allure Body Bar uses only FDA approved products that can be used on even the most sensitive of skin types.

Allure Body Bar is conveniently located 735 Danforth Ave and is a short distance from Pape Station. This innovative and modern beauty and grooming bar offers the best waxing in the city and has a little something for everyone. Whether it’s one of their many other waxing services, or specialized services such as the Manzilian or Quickzilian, Allure Body Bar has you covered, or so to speak.

Alexander Sauve is a writer and copy editor for OTD: Spring edition. 



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