Will the new Arrow spin-off be gone in a Flash?


DC superheroes are becoming a regular occurrence in my television lineup. Arrow, based on DC’s Green Arrow, is in its third season and has amassed a large (obsessed) following. Like Arrow, The Flash fights his local criminal element with the help of his technical (and emotional) support team. Unlike Arrow, who is just an incredibly fit and well-trained archer, The Flash is an honest to goodness superhero.[pullquote]The Flash promises to provide for our sensitive intellectual sides[/pullquote]

Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) was introduced in season two of Arrow, when he visits Starling City. In the new TV rendition, Barry returns from Starling and is struck by a radiation-charged lightning bolt that puts him into a coma. When he wakes up, he realizes (much to his delight) that he can run really fast. Well, as long as he eats the daily equivalent of 850 tacos.

Grant Gustin (Glee, Arrow) convincingly plays Barry, the nerdy (but adorable) forensic scientist. Like all heroes, he’s driven by the darkness of his past and his desire to help. Unlike other superheroes (including Arrow, Constantine and upcoming Preacher) Barry smiles, laughs, and has fun. Tom Cavanagh plays Dr. Harrison Wells, the rich benefactor whose invention causes the lightning. Dr. Wells also has a secret that slowly reveals itself at the end of every episode; a great plot device that pulls the viewer back each week.

While Arrow can be a little over the top, all fight scenes, motorcycle chases, and shirtless exercising, The Flash promises to provide for our sensitive intellectual sides. Sure, there are exciting action sequences, but they are offset by long talks about love and some light bantering between science nerds. The Flash is the perfect compliment to Arrows darkness. It’s charming, it’s exciting, and most of all— it features the fastest man alive.

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