5 Easy Tricks to De-Stress After a Long Day

Are you having a stressful time at school or at work? Do you lack energy by the time you get home in the evening? I am with you sailing in the same boat called Tiredness. Every day I make a to-do list  for the evening, but by the time I reach home, I am so tired that I can barely finish one task. Have no fear, for below are five easy ways to de-stress yourself in no time.

A Hot Beverage

I know, you must’ve had your Ice-Capp or coffee from your favourite café on your way to work. However, when you’re returning home, make it a point to avoid take-out coffee, but instead make a hot beverage at home and drink at your own pace. The reason for doing this is, when you’re at home, your body and mind automatically drives into the resting zone. So, when you have a beverage at home you won’t feel as rushed.

Avoid Social Media

Social media has hindered our ability to communicate. Instead, talk! Take a break from your work/activity by talking to your friends, your roommate, or partner. Ask them how their day was. But if you stay alone, just read some news, your book, or simply listen to music. Try to avoid social media, as it kills your time.

A Hot Shower

Have a hot shower for at least 15-20 minutes with your music on. No matter how lazy you feel, a hot shower relaxes your muscles, calms your body, and keeps you rejuvenated even after you step out.

Light a Candle

A good smell and the sight of a candle calms your mind unknowingly. Scents trigger reactions which can relieve stress, lift negative moods, and improve concentration levels.


If you have sufficient time, cook your own dinner. By dedicating time to cooking, you avoid the risk of eating junk and unhealthy food. I know I know, you are too tired to cook dinner or you ran out of groceries. In that case, make an easy dish with whatever is available. The process of cooking your own food along with the smell itself is a de-stressor. Try having a healthy dinner by 8 p.m; this will help you to avoid jumping into bed with a full stomach.

All these activities will  help you to de-stress, increase your concentration levels, and give you the energy required to work on your tasks set out for the evening.

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