Get the Look: Riverdale Edition

If social media is any indication, it seems I’m not the only one obsessed with the new Netflix drama Riverdale. I grew up reading the comics and am now fan-girling over the live-action renewal. The outfits Betty and Veronica wore always inspired me as a kid, so here is your chance to steal their look of your most beloved characters!

Miss Grundy

Miss Grundy (young and hot, what?!) always seems to be working the floral dresses. Here’s a cute Ralph Lauren one!

The Bay

Add these heart shaped glasses (and put your hair up in a bun and you’re good to go.



Varsity jacket=instant Archie status.

Forever 21

Plus who would Archie be without the signature carrot top? Fake yours without the commitment.

Party City


The jughead look would not be complete without his signature hat. Pick the handmade knitted ones over on Etsy.


He seems to be a serious journalist on the show so you can’t forget a messenger bag to keep a laptop handy at all times.

Best Buy


Ronnie seems to be rocking her classic little dresses. Try this one from Zara with some classy beaded detail.


A Lodge is a Lodge and Veronica always seems to be wearing some type of jewelry. My favourite has to be the pearls.

The Bay


The outfit from the 4th of July has me obsessed. Here are two separate pieces to get the look.

Mod Cloth


Mod Cloth

She always seems to be wearing a red lip too so pair this UD lipstick to complete the look.



Betty is the girl next door and always seems to be wearing preppy pastel clothes. Pair a blouse with a pastel sweater and finish off with a pair of low-rise Chucks.

Susy Shier

Susy Shier



There are so many cat ear headbands out there so take your favourite!

Forever 21

Forever 21

Forever 21


And of course you can’t miss the opportunity to wear leopard!

Suzy Shier


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