How to be Open to Inspiration

What is inspiration? Inspiration can be taken from our surroundings and our environment, then fuelled into something creative, such as writing, music, and art. But what is it really?

A connection. It’s your brain’s neural pathways making connections that give you inspirational ideas for new projects or any other daily activities. A new connection can occur while you are doing just about anything from riding a bike, to watching a movie, playing games, and even sleeping. The more you do to stimulate your brain, the more inspired you will get; otherwise you will hit a block.

There are ways to prevent this from happening, so here are six ways to keep your mind sharp and inspire yourself:

  1. Change of Scenery

If you have been stuck all day in an office, stepping out to a coffee shop or going out for lunch is a great way to clear your mind. Sometimes stepping out for just a minute can energize you. Changing your immediate surroundings makes you more likely to get an idea. If you have lunch every day at noon, then go a little earlier or later, and try a different restaurant to eat at. Changing your scenery can trigger your mind and promote creative thinking.

  1. Read or Listen to Music (or Both)

Literature and music are forms of art that represent ideas that have been manifested into reality. Any form of art can do this; however, music and literature can influence you on-the-go and allow you to get into someone else’s mind and see how a simple thought became a beautiful form of art. Inspiration is pure and unique, and it can be triggered by just about anything, so the next time you feel an emotional response to a book or a song, think of the reasons why you are feeling that way—it may trigger an inspirational idea that will lead to your own book or song.

  1. Try Something New

New experiences have the ability to open new connections in your brain. Try something new everyday. You should try new recipes when cooking, get into new television shows, or buy a new outfit. Allow fresh experiences to motivate you. However, do not let the fear of a new experience stop you. Immerse yourself in adventures.

  1. Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill is a way to continue expanding your knowledge base; it can keep your mind sharp and aware of opportunities to use the new skill. A new skill can be learning to play the guitar, drawing a picture, learning how to work a computer program, etc. Even though we may not be children, our minds are sponges constantly absorbing information. New skills give your mind a direction.

  1. Meditate

Not everyone may believe this will help, but meditation is a great way to relax your body and open yourself to creative energies. It helps fight anxiety and even improves your memory. Meditation can get rid of any stress or negative thoughts you may be holding on to while you work. You will start to understand your emotions and become more focused.

  1. Self-Care

There is no limit to your creative capacity; however, make sure you are sleeping often, eating right, and exercising. Your physical body has to be in tip-top form in order to be receptive to new inspirational thoughts. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, so make sure to always take care of yourself first so your inspiration can grow and manifest itself.

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