The Top Organic Beauty Products that will Beautify from the Inside Out

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the temperatures drop and the air around me becomes tight, dry and brittle, my skin and hair seem to follow suit… as often does my health. In order to put an end to this wintry routine, I’ve decided to make a change.

Now as most start-of-the-year changes go, I will not tell you to start cutting carbs out of your life, or to invest in that $450 gym membership, but I would like to tell you about a simple adjustment to your daily routine that will provide multiple benefits to your skin, hair and health.

There has been a surplus of healthy eating trends as of late, and it seems as though people are very aware of the benefits to the human body, from eating more natural and organic products. But have we forgotten to take care of the largest human organ; the one that experiences the most wear and tear; the one that feels the stresses of temperature changes, sun damage, cuts and scrapes, bruising and bustling… and most importantly, the harmful chemicals found in the products that we use to make it more beautiful?

I understand how it goes, you walk in to Sephora or your local drugstore, and the first thing you see are the shiny packages, followed by the pretty colours, all situated in the beautiful displays with testers at the ready. But where do you find the ingredients listed? Unfortunately, it is not up to the product retailers to display which products are more/less harmful to our skin, our hair, our lips, and our health. It is on us to research the products that are more beneficial to our health and environment, which are organic, and those that are cruelty free.

I know what you’re thinking, who has the time? If you are anything like myself, you’ve often contemplated the benefits of organic products, perhaps while you look in the mirror at your freshly washed face, and you think to yourself: is this the best product for my skin? Are there some harsh chemicals in my foundation that are causing me to break out? What is in this gloss that is making my lips feel so dry? And so on… So, I decided to take the plunge, make a change and do something about it. The results were better than I expected, and I encourage you to do the same.

Here is my list of organic beauty products that will change your beauty routine from start to finish. And believe me, not only will you see the difference they make, but you will feel it too.


For Your Face

I am a huge fan of everything face-related – from masks, to toners, moisturizers, and of course, makeup. As such, I have tried endless amounts of products all the way from the natural and organic, to those with a high chemical content (not that I was aware of this at the time). After my extensive research, I must say that my facial remedies are now (mostly) organic. Here are some of my favourites:


  1. Rain Forest – A Purifying Facial Toner – Saje – $14.95

If you have yet to enter the Saje community, I highly recommend that you do so. Their products are 100% natural and plant derived and their aim is, “to help you feel better, naturally.”

I first tried their toner after I became a huge fan of their extensive essential oil collection (which you will see more of down below). The power of plants is almost magical, and my face has never felt better with the addition of this product.



  1. GinZing™ SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer – ORIGINS – $49

The ORIGINS brand has been my latest discovery. They are 100% in it for the environment, and for our skin! Their tinctures are a mixture of products from the highest quality plants, the earth and the sea, combined with non-toxic alternatives and advanced science. They even ensure that their packaging and manufacturing is earth-friendly! To top it all off, all of their products are cruelty-free.

At first, I was a little taken aback by their semi-high prices, but after researching their brand some more, and actually testing the products, I no-longer bat an eye at the cash register (most of the time). This tinted moisturizer is my day-to-day foundation-replacement. It provides the perfect amount of coverage, as well as a semi-dewy look – which can be tamed with a simple setting powder if that look is not for you! The added coffee gives your skin an energizing boost and it has SPF… I’m not sure you can ask for more from a moisturizer!


  1. Flawless Liquid Foundation – Nude by Nature – £25

Nude by Nature is an Australian brand that is finally making its way to Canada! Although I have yet to try this product, it’s definitely caught my eye. Their motto is: “Discover how powerful nature can be with natural ingredients that give results,” and their aim is to enhance your natural beauty. They use 100% naturally derived ingredients – most of them from Australia itself! And they are cruelty-free. Keep your eyes peeled for when this product hits the Canadian shelves!



For Your Lips

Your lips, now those are something we ALL think about. Whether we’re talking, eating, drinking, or sharing intimate mouth-to-mouth moments with our significant others, we are constantly aware of the state of our lips. Naturally, they are our bestsellers, so why not treat them that way?


  1.  The Lip Trio:

Everyday Agave Lip Mask – Bite Beauty – $30

Everyday Agave Lip Balm – Bite Beauty – $20

Everyday Agave Lip Scrub – Bite Beauty – $20

Bite Beauty is your local Toronto Lip Lab, and not only are their products organic, but they have carefully selected the safest and most natural ingredients they could! Their products use oils and nectars that come from plant-based products which help to enhance the beautiful lips you have! Globe and Mail praised this brand, amongst others, dubbing lipsticks new slogan: “Eat Me”; a message to consumers that what they’re putting on their lips should be good enough to put in their mouths. (You can read the article here)

I have recently invested in the Everyday Agave Lip Collection and am 100% in love! They have covered all the bases – from overnight masks, to a healthy scrub, and the nourishing balm. The results are amazing, and their list of natural and health-safe ingredients make the product choice effortless.


  1. Glossy Lipstick – Burt’s Bees – $7-9

Burt’s Bees is well known for their all-natural, cruelty-free products. After falling in love with their traditional lip balm–which works hard to keep your lips hydrated for hours on end–I decided to look into what else they have to offer. To my delight, their line of lipsticks follows the same natural regimen. They are tinted with natural pigments in a wide variety of colours. A happy and safe addition to any make-up routine!



For Your Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, therefore, we are most responsible for it! As the world is filled with many different skin types, it helps to choose products that are 100% natural. This will ensure that you won’t face any tricky reactions, and you won’t have to scan the shelves to verify whether the product is for oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, etc.

These products are sure to whip your skin in to shape to face those frigid Canadian winters.


  1. Frank’s Body Coffee Scrub – Frank Body – $24

This is another product from our Aussie babes, and it is one of my ultimate favourites! I’ve been using Frank’s body scrubs since my mid-teens and continue to love their products. They use only natural and naturally derived ingredients and they are cruelty free!

All of the Frank products contain coffee, which provides your skin with that energizing boost it (often) needs. They offer a wide range of body scrubs, each one targeting a different, yet common, skin condition–from cellulite to post-workout remedies. Frank also offers a range of Face and Lip Products that I highly recommend!


  1. Collagen Inner Beauty Boost – The Beauty Chef – $55

As I’ve dedicated a large portion of my Instagram followings to bloggers of all sorts, I often pick up on some products that I’d like to invest in. There has been a recent post by lifestyle blogger Sivan Ayla ( about this collagen booster. Normally, I choose to ignore product placements, but judging by her ever-glowing skin, as well as the description of the product on The Detox Market’s website, I’d consider this a smart investment.

The boost is advertised as a, “delicious organic, bio-fermented probiotic concentrate designed to increase the skin’s production of collagen and promote radiant, naturally plumped complexion from the insider out.” I don’t believe I could have said it any better myself. Though I have yet to try this product, it is on my “Must-Have” list and is sure to be an enthusiastic addition to my organic beauty routine.

Be sure to check out the “About” page on to learn about Valerie’s story and how her battle with breast cancer drew her to organic and natural beauty products. This is sure to become my go-to market for all products organic, natural, and chemical-free!


For Your Hair

Although our skin is the main attraction of our outwards appeal, we cannot forget about our hair. Similar to our skin, we have all been gifted with different hair types, and the best shampoos and conditioners are ones that do not use harmful chemicals that neutralize and damage the natural vitamins and nutrients in our hair.


  1. Mermaid Hair Shampoo & Conditioner No 1 – Mermaid Hair – $30

Mermaid Hair launched in 2012 and has been stealing hearts ever since. I know that most of you – like me – dreamed of having that lush and flowing Little Mermaid hair since we watched as Princess Ariel brushed through it with a fork. Unfortunately for us, not all shampoos and conditioners can provide us with this in a natural and organic way.

Their products are made without sulfates, are all-natural, cruelty free, and are advertised for all hair types!



For Your Health

There is something about a holistic and natural remedy to replace the endless pharmaceuticals that not only have ingredients we cannot recognize, but can hardly pronounce! As I mentioned earlier, Saje is my go-to for anything all-natural when it comes to illness or ailments.






  1. Peppermint Halo Soothing Remedy – Saje – $26.95
  2. Allergy Release Soothing Remedy – Saje – $22.95


Although all of their essential oils – whether you’re purchasing the mist, the remedy, or the diffuser blend – are wonderful alternatives to pharmaceuticals, these two products have become my top recruits!

I have never been a fan of taking pills for my ailments, but with yearly allergies and the common headache, I found that I kept running to the drugstore for a Claritin, Advil or Tylenol. These two products have completely replaced my need for those! I highly recommend the Allergy Release Remedy for anyone who suffers from allergies to ragweed or animal dander. A simple roll along the forehead and the sinus areas will give you instant relief. The same goes for the Peppermint Halo Remedy, it’s cooling & heating reaction will numb the common headache and prevents you from reaching into the medicine cabinet for that unnecessary Advil or Tylenol!

There are so many benefits to switching over to all-natural, cruelty-free and organic products. They are Earth-friendly, so not only are you saving your skin and body, but you are also serving the greater good. You don’t have to worry about irritation or breakouts, so you can eliminate that “test a small patch of skin” precaution, often advertised by chemical-based products. They often have natural fragrances, which may not seem like much, as the fragrance of flowers and sweetness are often ideal, but there’s nothing worse than the clashing scents of all of your beauty products at one moment. Finally, they will send you in the right direction for healthier, stronger and better-looking skin, hair, lips and ultimately, your general health!

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