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OTD Recommends: Danforth Take-Out by TTC Station

Do you live on the Danforth? Do you live elsewhere in Toronto and/or worry about walking outside through extreme temperatures—the snow, or the heat (the heat we’ve forgotten as of now)? Our suggestion—take the TTC and stay underground, through the rain, sleet, snow, or heat; on your way home, or when you want to explore to East End and Greektown, you can reach these take-out spots, located by their respective TTC subway stations.

Chester Station

Burger Stomper

Burger Stomper “stomps” their own burgers and sliders every day. They have a delectable selection of signature burgers, with their menu featuring the Greek Burger (feta, lettuce, tomato, onions, tzatziki), the Signature Truffle Burger (truffle havarti, mushrooms, lettuce, bacon, & truffle aioli), the Eggsodus (fried egg, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, & chipotle aioli), and the *Secret Stomp* (they decide what you’re having). They have two main Veggie burger options (made with organic vegetables & grains, soy, wheat, and walnuts), but you can always mix and match toppings. They have crispy and grilled chicken burgers, and a whole menu of Fries and Poutine (a nice touch for a burger place). Check it out.

Robbie Patterson, Online Managing Editor


As soon as you walk in to Kalyvia, you’re assaulted by all the delicious smells. Feeling hungry on your way home? Drop in for a take away Gyro reasonably priced under $10. You will not regret it. The pork Gyro is so flavourful and melts in your mouth, the potato bits are crispy, the tzatziki is seasoned just right, and the Kalyvia special sauce is the perfect flavor to tie it all together. I have never had a better Gyro. Feeling fancy? Sit down and order some oven roasted Greek style lemon potatoes as well, which are ALSO to die for. (However, do not mistake them for plain roasted potatoes. The staff there are very serious about it.) Overall, the restaurant itself is very homey and the staff are super friendly and accommodating. Strategically placed next to Chester station makes it the perfect stop to satisfy your greek food needs before hopping on the subway for that long commute home. In a rush? Call ahead and order, they’ll have it ready for you when you get there.

Sarah Goldstein, Chief Copyeditor

Pape Station

Pizzeria Libretto

I can honestly say I have never had better Neopolitan pizza than Pizzeria Libretto. They’re the perfect sizes for sharing between two people, and there’s always something new to try. They have specials that usually change on a weekly basis or depending on what toppings are in season. When you go, definitely try the Nduja sausage pizza—though it is pretty spicy, or their Mama’s Hot Pepper Pizza: a popular secret menu option that has been written about in such publications as the Huffington Post and Toronto Life. Also, the fried calamari and meatballs are staid favourites. You’ll probably find something to love.

Jordan Dziewir, Online Editor


Bored of your classic pizza, burgers or fast-food take-out? Conveniently located just off the Danforth, across from Pape Subway station, Souvlike is easy to miss because of it’s small storefront, but once discovered, it’s hard to forget. Good quality food, great prices and even nicer staff, it’s consistent and always satisfying and locals will agree that their classic Gyro tastes like it’s straight from Greece. Although the restaurant does offer a couple of tables at the front of the store, Souvlike mostly deals in take-out orders, and the best part is: they’re open late!

—Lena Koutroubis, Spring Food and Drink Editor and Executive Sales Agent

Folia Grill

Minutes away from the Centennial College Story Arts Campus, Folia Grill is one of the best fast Greek restaurants (you can choose to eat-in or take-out) off the Danforth. Their gyro wrap is delicious and full of succulent meat (I always ask for extra tzatziki to add to the flavour even more), and their bifteki—a wrap containing a large slab of beef covered in sauce—is another nice item on the menu. Somehow this restaurant has managed to remain largely undiscovered by the nearby Centennial students, which is surprising considering the quality of their food.

James Popkie, Copy Staff


I know Caribbean food probably isn’t going to be one of the first thing you think of when you’re trying to find something to eat at Pape and Danforth, but Simone’s really should be. Just a block away from Pape station, Simone’s offers generous portions of Jamaican fare available for eat-in or take-out. I’d recommend getting either the jerk chicken or braised oxtail with rice and peas (extra gravy, please!).

Stephanie Choo, Production Manager

Donlands Station

The Only Cafe – Juice Bar (The Other Juice Bar)

The Other Juice Bar is the sister of The Only Cafe, which is located right next door. Each establishment holds its own in its specialty, and the irony is clear in their divide considering the one-of-a-kind nature of this Danforth-magnetism. I’m surprised we don’t have anything on them at OTD yet, huh. They have a wide selection of delicious and cleansing veggie and fruit juices,  if you’re looking for a kick of health on your way home. You can purchase your own mason jar for your juice. They also have smoothies, Kombucha on tap, and they share the same menu of breakfast (Cowboy Breakfast, Tory’s Frittata), crepes, and sandwiches with their counterpart.

— Robbie Patterson, Online Managing Editor


A block west of Donlands Station you’ll find Square Boy. But this isn’t the chain known for making pizza of the rectangular variety. This is the iconic Square Boy Drive-In, with its the dominating front sign, spacious patio, and friendly experienced staff. Serving up one of the best homemade burgers around, or the ever popular chicken souvlaki. Always busy, but always so good; its worth the quick walk down Danforth to a place that will never disappoint.

—Peter Gleason, Food and Drink Editor

Not only does this Greektown greasy spoon serve some of the best burgers in town, but also some of the best souvlaki The Danforth has to offer. The decor isn’t without it’s charm, having not changed once since it opened in the 1960s, but that adds to the experience of this one of a kind diner. The food is more than delicious and the prices are great at less than $10 for what amounts to a troff of food.

— Rayna Livingstone-Lang, Arts and Culture Editor


Greenwood Station

The Fuzz Box

The donair is a Nova Scotian spin on the kebab or gyro wrap from the eastern Mediterranean region. However, although it is similar in terms of structure, with beef normally used as the main ingredient, the taste is markedly different, with the deliciously sweet milk-based donair sauce and the typical toppings of mozzarella cheese, onions and tomatoes. The result is a distinctly Canadian spin on a familiar old world dish. This restaurant also offers other incredibly delicious applications of the donair recipe, such as donair poutine, and—my personal favorite—the immense and scrumptious donair panzerotti. This restaurant is frequented by ex-Maritimers who crave this home cuisine and know authentic donair when they encounter it.

— James Popkie, Copy Staff

Warden Station

Café on the Go 

This isn’t by any means on Danforth but if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive bite while on the east end of the Bloor-Danforth subway line, Warden station is the place to go. The narrow cafe is located inside the station, next to the stairs to the 17 Birchmount bus, and offers everything from coffee and instant ramen to Chinese-style buns and takeout boxes of fried rice. But the real winners here are the jerk chicken and jerk pork sandwiches—thick cuts of tender, jerk-spiced meat stuffed inside of pillow-soft coco bread—are to die for. Paired with a can of coconut water for a grand total of $6.50, it’s a steal that’s well worth a detour to Warden station.

Stephanie Choo, Production Manager

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The On The Danforth staff is excited to bring you, OTD Recommends: Take-Out by TTC subway station. If you have any suggestions for our lists, make sure to comment below!


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