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6 Best Coffee Shops On The Danforth

Coffee can solve any student’s problems! In this listicle we’ll take a look at the top coffee shops located around the Danforth area, certified with Google Reviews all above 4.5 stars. With many different (and at times, overwhelming) options, we’ve found the best so that you don’t have to!

1. Red Rocket Coffee

1364 Danforth Ave.

First on our list is Red Rocket Coffee. This must-stop coffee shop offers more than just coffee; this cozy little place offers a break from classes and the rush of everyday life.

2. Zav Coffee Shop

2048 Danforth Ave.

Next up is Zav Coffee Shop. Zav is right on the Danforth in the middle of all its lively action. The shop has received praise for their decaf coffee in comparison to other coffee shops that aren’t able to keep up. This vibrant destination is able to stand against the big chains.

3. PRESS Books. Coffee. Vinyl.

2442 Danforth Ave.

A short walk down from Zav is PRESS Books. Coffee. Vinyl. Featuring more than just coffee and teas, PRESS is a funky spot that offers records and books to enjoy as you relax. This coffee shop is certified to be a good time.

4. Marvel Coffee Co.

792 Carlaw Ave.

Marvel Coffee Co is a relaxing stop in the Danforth area. This destination offers a quiet spot for students to relax in comfy seats. With a reputation for having friendly staff, this stop is sure to offer an escape from the busy school day.

5. Greet Coffee

709 Danforth Ave.

Along the Danforth street is Greet Coffee. Known as a “mini gem for morning coffee” by its regular customers, this little hideaway is sure to provide the perfect start to your day. And at the intersection of Pape Avenue, this coffee shop is right at the heart of Danforth.

6. Goat Coffee Co.

895 Pape Ave.

No coffee shop list is complete without including Goat Coffee Co. Located just off of Danforth Ave., this rustic setting is a must-see when visiting the Danforth area. With a wide variety of trendy sandwiches, and breakfast foods like French toast, it’s sure to remind you of home.

With tons of options scattered throughout the Danforth area, coffee lovers will never be in short supply. This roundup of the best places to relax with a cup of coffee are at the top of our list, and we think you’ll love them too.

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