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Seven Smoky Single Malt Scotches to Sip on a Cold Winter Day

The Danforth community has access to some of the loveliest single malts (not blended) in the city. With 5 distinct whisky regions in Scotland, sampling a glass at Allen’s on the Danforth or Feathers Pub on Kingston Rd. is the best way to begin. Smoky scotch is mostly produced on Scotland’s frosty Atlantic coast. For those going to bars, here are some of the most diverse, affordable, and high quality scotches that are great for sipping on a cold winter day.

1. Ardbeg

10-Year Old, Islay

$100.20 @Ardbeg

Ardbeg’s powerful flavour is best savoured by nosing the aroma before taking a sip. It’s strong scent masks a rich body that is followed by a bold finish.

2. Talisker

10-Year Old, Island


As one of the more renowned Island scotches, Talisker can be a nice introduction to the warming qualities of smoky whisky.

3. Lagavulin

8-Year Old, Islay



Aged in oak casks, this scotch blends spiced caramel flavours with a mild smoky finish. One can also savour the citrus and roasted nuts by savouring the aroma.

4. Laphroaig

10-Year Old, Islay


Reputed to be Prince Charles’ favourite—this scotch never disappoints those who enjoy the intense peatiness characteristic of Islay whisky.

5. Highland Park

12-Year Old, Island


The amber colour reveals the sweet body before a subtle transition to a peaty and smoky finish. This scotch is distilled in the northern-most point in Scotland.

6. Bowmore

12-Year Old, Islay


Ideal for the uninitiated and experienced. Bowmore will appeal to all with its subtle peaty scent and finish. It is an ideal introduction to Islay’s rich and smoky scotch. 

7. Auchentoshan

12-Year Old, Lowlands


Complex, textured, and rich—This western Lowlands whisky combines a subtle combination of citrus and sweet flavours with a roasted nut finish.

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