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Five Harlequin Novels as Tinder Profiles

Single on Valentine’s Day? Instead of going on a disappointing date with Mr. Wrong or scarfing down ice cream while watching rom-coms, why not take a more novel approach to your evening? Our friends at Re:Reading have the perfect solution for the lovelorn hearts of the Danforth—Harlequin novels. With everything from billionaires to princes in disguise (and heat levels that range from sweet to super-spicy) there’s something for everyone craving a little lovin’ this Valentine’s Day. To get you started, we’ve whipped up five Tinder profiles based on novels that you can pick up on the Danforth. Let yourself be swept—er, swiped—away!

Against the Odds

By Donna Kauffman

Tucker Greywolf knew it was his lucky day when the Las Vegas police asked him to assist on a case involving an unusual hedonistic resort. But he never imagined he’d meet a lusty English writer and offer his services! He figures four days helping Misty tap in to her erotic side during his stay in town would be the break he needs, but four days may not be nearly enough.

Lone Wolf Lawman

By Delores Fossen

A Texas Ranger must protect the daughter of a serial killer from becoming his next victim. Breaking into the home of the woman who shared his bed three months ago isn’t Weston Cade’s usual MO. But the Texas Ranger is on a personal vendetta to catch a killer, and Addie Crockett is the man’s biological daughter. The beautiful rancher also happens to be carrying Wes’s child.

His Ex’s Well-Kept Secret 

By Joss Wood

Down-on-her-luck heiress Piper Mills will do anything to help her baby—even strike a deal with the devil who impregnated her! Due to a car accident, Jaeger Ballantyne has no memory of the passionate night he and Piper shared…or that he’s Ty’s father. Purchasing Piper’s heirloom sapphires is the only thing on his agenda…until seducing the green-eyed temptress takes over.

Killer Cowboy Charm 

By Vicki Lewis Thompson

As part of a publicity contest, TV host Meg Delancy sets out across America, looking for the Hottest Cowboy in the West. When she meets Clint Walker, she knows she has found her man…for life!

The Throne He Must Take 

By Chantelle Shaw

Playboy Jarek is no stranger to the darkness within him. Psychotherapist Dr. Holly Maitland is his chance to unlock the secrets from his past. But alone with Holly in the Austrian Alps, all Jarek can think about is peeling away her cool demeanour one tantalizing layer at a time!

Have you met your match? Comment below and tell us which romance you want to read this Valentine’s Day!

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