Flower embroidery hoop holding white fabric with red and white flowers stitched on with green stems.
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5 New and Inexpensive Hobbies to Try This New Year

Each new year brings a period of self-reflection and many of us look to find new hobbies that make us happy and bring passion into our lives. But sometimes, when we want to try something new, the barrier of money can get in the way—especially if we don’t know if we’ll enjoy the new hobby we want to try. This doesn’t have to be the case; below is a list of exciting hobbies that are inexpensive to start and guaranteed to bring a spark back into your life!

An open journal on a white background. On the left is a September calendar on with the name of the month highlighted in yellow. On the right is a daily calendar in a long rectangular chart with some days highlighted in yellow.
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Bullet Journaling

This hobby can be as expensive or complicated as you want it to be. All you need is a notebook and some colourful pens or markers, and you’ve got all you need to organize your life in a fun and creative way. Come up with your own unique layouts or use websites like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube for inspiration.

Six clear jars with water on a white table. Each jar has a different green sprout coming out the top.
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Propagating Plants

It is very fulfilling to see something grow—especially when they are plant clippings that you nurture at every stage of the process. Simply place plant clippings in water until roots appear then transfer the plants into soil where they will continue to grow! Although this takes time, it is a great way to develop your green thumb and save money at the greenhouse. 

Red embroidery hoop holding white fabric with red flowers stitched on with green stems.
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Although it appears daunting, embroidery is easier—and cheaper—than it looks. All you need is an embroidery hoop, fabric (why not embroider on old clothes to make them new?), a sewing needle, and some coloured yarn. By using the vast number of free tutorials on YouTube, you can follow thousands of guided patterns or you can easily come up with your own designs.

A handwritten letter with an envelope partly covering it. ON top of the envelope is a pink ribbon and a vase with dried flowers.
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Pen Palling

In a technological age, receiving a letter from a friend has become a unique joy. Letters don’t have to be about anything specific. Tell a friend about your day, share a favourite recipe or a curated playlist, write a silly story, or do some doodling. This is a great way to keep in touch with others and show you’re thinking of them, and all you need is some paper, envelopes, and stamps.

A tall bouquet of red and pink fried flowers in the foreground on a white table with other dried flowers at the base. In the background are two other vases, one with flowers, one without.
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Drying Flowers

Having a bouquet of fresh flowers on the counter can brighten anyone’s mood. This effect can be replicated by drying fresh flowers, meaning you don’t need to buy expensive bouquets but instead reuse bouquets to create something new and vintage-looking. By hanging flowers upside down in a dark place (such as a closet) for approximately 2 weeks, they will dry out and retain their colour so you can make pretty and long-lasting arrangements. 

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