A store front sign that says "Red Rocket Coffee", the sign is red with grey letters and there is a window.
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4 Cafés to Visit on the Danforth

The Danforth—primarily known as Greektown—has a lot to offer in terms of restaurants, cute little bookstores, vintage shops and local cafes that people visit every day. What’s better than a cup of coffee to start your day? Here are 4 cafés that are a must visit, the next time you find yourself on the Danforth.

Tsaa Tea Shop

Located at 412 Danforth Ave is Tsaa Tea shop. Although this café specializes in tea, it also offers a wide variety of café drinks, from coffee to bubble tea. Filipino-owned, they also have a separate menu for just Filipino desserts from Halo Halo to Turron! The interior is small and cozy, decorated with shelves of products such as matcha whisks, ceramics, and French coffee presses. With some tables in the corners, feel free to drink a little cup of paradise amongst the cute hanging plants near the entrance. Tsaa Tea Shop specializes in their loose-leaf tea bar, where there are tea cannisters on their shelves. There you can try multiple types of teas: green teas, black teas, white teas, and teas infused with flavours, from traditional to fusion type teas as well.

A variety of individually packaged desserts on a refrigerator in a store.
Figure 1: Follow them on Instagram: @tsaateashop and they’re open Monday to Sunday from 10AM to 4AM.

Despite being a café that specializes in loose-leaf tea drinks, they also specialized in desserts that are individually packaged for you to take home. Lactose intolerant? Don’t worry! Tsaa Tea Shop offers options for non-dairy drinks including fruit bubble teas with real chunks of fruit infused with their tea. Our recommendation: the Rose Lychee and Mango Green Tea Bubble Tea with their Strawberry Funnel Cake!

A place with a desert with a cake and strawberries.

Marvel Coffee

Marvel Coffee is located at 792 Carlaw Ave, near the heart of the Danforth. The moment you enter, on the left is a huge menu board, displaying the variety of available drinks, from coffee to smoothies.

A storefront decorated with lightbulb fixtures. There is an oven and cabinets in the background.
Photo credits: Pamela Prasetya

With lightbulb-like fixtures dangling from the ceiling, you’re greeted by marble counters and the espresso stove tops. There are some booths where you can sit down to enjoy your drink, and adjacent to the sitting area is a shelf promoting their handcrafted coffee beans. One of their recommended drinks for coffee is their freddo line–where you can choose between cappuccino or espresso. If you like your coffee strong, we recommend the freddo cappuccino. Its whipped consistency makes the drink feel like something light, but it has more than enough caffeine to keep you going.

The inside of a coffee shop, there are chairs and a shelf with coffee products.
Figure 2: Follow them on Instagram: @marvelcoffee and they’re open from Monday to Saturday from 7AM to 7PM.

Red Rocket Coffee

A store front sign that says "Red Rocket Coffee", the sign is red with grey letters and there is a window.
Follow them on Instagram: @redrocketcoffee and they’re open Monday to Sunday from 8AM to 4PM.

Another interesting café to check out is Red Rocket Coffee at 1364 Danforth Ave. Just like the name suggests, their theme is all about planets and rocket launchers. Much of the café theme is surrounded by space related elements like different art pieces about the solar system. Although there’s no seating inside, there are benches outside the café for you to sip your drinks and enjoy the various baked treats they sell. Our recommendation: the Lemon Poppyseed Muffin. Also try some of their coffee drinks, like their flat whites or their lattes.

 A bookshelf with different books, solar system theme art and a rocket theme decorations.
Figure 4: solar system themed art along with their rocket theme!

Mofer Coffee Danforth

Further east on the Danforth is Mofer Coffee, located at 1577 Danforth Ave. This coffee shop is quaint and you can smell the roast of the coffee beans the moment you enter the shop. Since coffee beans are part of their signature aesthetic, there are little coffee bean bags that you can individually purchase alongside coffee grinders and drip coffee makers. They offer signature handcrafted drinks based on their Ethiopian blend, which gives their coffee a very strong taste. For those who are not as keen on coffee, they also offer a tea section. We recommend the London Fog Earl Grey Latte. This café is great for students who want to study, as their seating areas are surrounded by outlets where you can charge their laptop, hold long study sessions, and enjoy the chill vibes of the music that plays in the background.

The inside of a coffee shop, there is a tall shelf with multiple coffee products.
Figure 1: Follow them on Instagram: @mofercoffee. Their business hours are from Monday to Sunday from 7AM to 7PM.

These are just a handful of cafés/coffee shops you should visit next time you’re on the Danforth. Aside from those, there are multiple businesses such bakeries, bookstores, and artisan shops that you can check out. Let us know which one is your favourite!

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