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5 Must-Try Delicious Desserts on the Danforth

1. Ampersand Bakehouse–1808 Danforth Ave.

Two desserts at Ampersand Bakehouse. The one in the front is the Cookies and cream cupcake

Looking to support a small bakery? Ampersand Bakehouse is perfect for you. There’s always something different to try out, including a wide variety of vegan and gluten-free options. Want to try baking at home? Pre-made cookie dough is sold in some of their signature flavours for you to bake to your heart’s—and stomach’s—desire! Their bright white interior is sure to draw you in, but the desserts and warm drinks will make you want to stay. Why not try out a s’mores fudge bar, washed down with a marshmallow latte?

With so many treats and desserts to try, I almost couldn’t decide. I reached for the cookies and cream cupcake and was not disappointed. The vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream that topped the vanilla cupcake was smooth and creamy without being overly sweet. Oreo cookies were mixed into the batter and placed on top, making for a delightful decoration and satisfying crunch. Ampersand Bakehouse has a rotating selection of desserts, so be sure to stop by every season to find something new on their menu.

2. The Night Baker–405 Danforth Ave.

The dulce de churro cookie at The Night Baker

As soon as you walk into The Night Baker, you are greeted by bright yellow colours and the heavenly aroma of freshly baked cookies—you can even see the bakers working in the back. The Night Baker has a multitude of creative flavours to choose from (and even a few secret menu items promoted on their Instagram page). With their selection constantly updating, you will always have something new to try.

I opted for the dulce de churro cookie, a snickerdoodle cookie with a dulce de leche filling. The cookie is perfectly soft and chewy, and the sweet filling oozed out as I took a bite. The cinnamon spice and the sweet caramel paired perfectly together, making for a scrumptious cookie. You might want to order the box of six, as one cookie will certainly have you wanting more.

3. Unicorn Cafe–2036 Danforth Ave.

The Unicorn Milkshake at the Unicorn Cafe

The Unicorn Cafe is the perfect place to bring the family. Let your little ones’ imaginations run wild within the magical unicorn-filled ambiance. Unicorn Cafe’s extensive menu features many delicious Asian treats, from poke bowls to Vietnamese sandwiches, and a variety of drinks, from their popular Unicorn Latte to multiple variations of bubble tea.

One item on their dessert menu really stood out to me: the Unicorn Milkshake. With many Kawartha Dairy ice cream flavours to choose from, like cookies and cream, mango, or cotton candy, you can decide the base of your milkshake. I went with the cotton candy ice cream and, after placing my order, the anticipation kicked in. Sitting on the bright pink couch, I eagerly watched as they brought this expertly stacked delight to my table. I couldn’t help but stare at it in wonder. A truly magical milkshake adorned with a cotton candy cloud, two Oreo cookies for eyes, marshmallows for ears, a cupcake topped with a marshmallow unicorn horn, and some sour gummy candies. This decorated and sugar-filled milkshake is perfect for the ice cream lovers in your life.

4. Lukumum–484 Danforth Ave.

The Double Chocolate Royale Luku and the French Luku at Lukumum

Located in the heart of Greektown, Lukumum serves up delicious Greek honey balls called loukoumades.
You can sit inside, but their outdoor patio is a great option to bask in the sunshine and devour your delicious treats. There are multiple options to dress up your loukoumades: whether you are into more traditional toppings, like The Classic (rolled in cinnamon sugar), or want to try something from the Gourmet menu, like Oreo (topped with white chocolate and Oreo crumble), there is a flavour combination for everyone.

I ordered two Luku from the Gourmet menu: the Double Chocolate Royale Luku and the French Luku. The Double Chocolate Royale Luku is topped with white and dark chocolate drizzle. A decadent dessert that exceeds all expectations upon the first bite. The sweet, doughy honey balls perfectly pair with the smooth, velvety chocolate toppings, and make for a mouthwatering treat. The French Luku is prepared like a French beignet: topped with maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar. The icing sugar danced across my tastebuds accompanied by the sweet maple syrup, for a delectable bite. If you have a hankering for something sweet, the Gourmet menu at Lukumum is perfect for you.

5. La Diperie–372 Danforth Ave.

Vanilla ice cream dipped in s’mores chocolate, topped with rainbow sprinkles at La Diperie

La Diperie is for the certified chocolate lovers, and—with over 30 different varieties of chocolate dips—you are truly spoiled for choice. Whether you decide to dip a classic ice cream cone or are more adventurous and dip a slice of cheesecake or mini donuts, La Diperie has got you covered. The flavours of dips are very creative. You can dunk your dessert in crème brûleé chocolate, tiramisu chocolate, strawberry cream chocolate, and many, many more. After your dessert has been submerged in the dip of your choice, you are then prompted to add more toppings to finish off your rich creation.

I decided to get vanilla ice cream dipped in s’mores chocolate, topped with rainbow sprinkles. A more demure choice, as I was very tempted to dip a whole slice of cake but figured the ice cream would suffice after eating all these sweets in one day. The s’mores coating has a hint of that smoky, campfire flavour while maintaining the sweetness of the marshmallow and chocolate. Overall, I will definitely return to try another creative flavour. And, who knows, maybe I’ll even try out that dipped slice of
cake, too.

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