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    Interviews with People Living On the Danforth

    Traditionally, the Danforth is considered to be a primarily Greek community, with its countless Greek restaurants, Greek street signs, and annual “Taste of the Danforth” food festival serving as indicators of the neighbourhood’s rich cultural ties. But what are the causes and effects of the Danforth’s evolutionary transformation away from its formerly exclusive Greek identity? Although this is a long, unfinished process, the Danforth is very different than it was just a few years ago due to the newer demographic of residents and visitors influencing the area. The following interviews with Danforth locals demonstrate the differences and similarities between newer and long-term residents to help personify one of Toronto’s most…

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    Vince Carter’s Lasting Legacy

    People always talk about “where were you when” moments. Sometimes they can be associated with immense positivity. Others can be intrinsically linked to tragedy. Often, these moments have a wide spread impact on on our global society, weaving themselves into our social and historical makeup. However, my “where were you when” moment is a personal one. But not personal in the sense that I was the only one that experienced it. In fact, I’m sure that plenty of people recall this moment with equal or greater fondness than I do. But on February 11, 2000 my life as a sports fan changed forever. Vince Carter won the NBA Slam Dunk…