I Scream, You Scream

You upper-Canadians don’t know how good you’ve got it.

If you didn’t already know, I hail from the east coast.  It is a lovely place filled with quaint back-country roads and beaches galore.  But in April, it is still snowing.  It snowed this past weekend.  Badly, I hear.  I chuckled when I heard the news as I gazed out of my window at blue skies, blooming trees and the parrot across the street (weird, I know right?)

Perhaps the best part of spring is that it is now acceptable to eat copious amounts of ice cream.  Even better (or worse, depending on what your vices are) when there’s a cozy neighborhood ice cream shop a block away from your house.

Carter’s Ice Cream is located at Woodmount and Danforth, just one block west of Woodbine.  Walking into this place is like a breath of fresh air; the walls act as a museum for children’s drawings and the pink, white and lime green theme make you feel bubbly and happy; just like ice cream for some us. Carter’s Ice Cream also boasts that it’s Kawartha ice cream, which is made locally.

Not only is it a treat for the eyes, but also the tastebuds.  There are a ton of flavours to choose from, and they also offer milkshakes and sundaes.  You can top it all of with a bunch of choices from their toppings bar, and get this — SPRINKLES ARE FREE!


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