How one Danforth-Area Store is Embracing the Green Movement

By Erin Haggett

Grassroots Storefront

The Danforth is well-known for its eco-conscious attitude. Bikers and pedestrians abound, local produce stands win out over industrial-looking grocery stores, and recycling boxes are filled to the brim come garbage day. This green mindset is one of the main reasons why business owner Rob Grand chose Danforth Avenue for the second location of Grassroots, his environmentally friendly Mecca.

“Riverdale is a great community,” says Grand. “I had some friends who did door-to-door environmental groups, and Riverdale was one of those communities that was very supportive of campaigns by local environmental groups.”

Located near the Chester subway station, Grassroots provides a full range of environmentally friendly products, from worm composters to USB-rechargeable batteries, to journals with covers made from recycled hardcover books. Below, Grand shares some of his favourite eco-friendly products.

Grassroots Products

Power Down
The Plug and Play Energy Saving Kit is a power bar that turns off the energy-draining standby cycle of many electronics, including DVD players, televisions, lights, power strips, audio tuners, and receivers.

“You just hit the remote and it cuts all the power [to whatever is plugged into it],” says Grand. “It will only get more popular as the cost of energy increases.”

Saving Energy and Money
For computers, Grand recommends a different kind of power bar, where the computer is plugged into a special blue outlet and peripherals are plugged into other outlets on the bar.

“When the computer shuts down, the peripherals do as well,” says Grand. “Products like these pay for themselves…It’s what I call an eco win/win. An ecological win and an economical one.”

Green Clean
Grassroots also has bulk cleaning products available in-store, allowing customers to fill up on everything from all-purpose cleaner to laundry detergent. “We encourage people to reuse their bottles so that they’re not going in the garbage or the blue box,” says Grand.

Finding Grassroots
For more information, visit the Grassroots website at or stop by the store at 372 Danforth Ave.

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