The 6 Types of Friends We All Have in a Lifetime


We deal with hundreds of people in our daily lives, but only some stick around long enough to call them ‘friends’. Of all those friends, there are different types. These are the most common ones:

The one who always cancels
Half the time, this friend will call to cancel plans, and that’s if he actually remembers to call! You know that if a better offer comes along he will bail on you, but you keep him around because when he actually shows, this friend is fun to be around.

The brutally honest one
This is the friend you go to when you need a reality check. You can expect nothing but the harsh truth from him. That’s why you only hang out with him no more than a few times—Nobody likes that kind of honesty year-round.

The competitive one
This friend turns everything into a competition. If you tell him that you lost weight, he will have lost 10 pounds by the next time you see each other. If you mention you had spontaneous sex in a public bathroom, he would have “spontaneous” sex in even more public bathrooms! If you say you are going on a trip for five days with your partner, he will go on a 10 day trip with his partner and invite two friends to go along because, well, why not?

The bestie
This person is the jelly to your peanut butter. The Monica to your Rachel. The Matt Damon to your Ben Affleck. There’s no need to pretend you have it together with this friend because he knows you don’t and loves you because and despite of that.

The one you outgrew
This is the friend you love dearly but you can no longer stand talking to because his ideas don’t match yours anymore. He still thinks things that you stopped believing a long time ago.

The one that makes no sense
There is always one friend whose friendship makes absolute no sense—to you or anyone else. You don’t like the same things, hang out in the same places or even like the same people. But that is probably why you stay in touch. He shows you a different perspective of life and that is always nice to have.

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