A Fine Medium

Readings by Margaret Unfogs My Future

By Jessica Glover

Tarot CardsI took the tingling in my left hand as a sign that I had reached the right card. I slowly withdrew the final tarot card for the psychic so that she could divine my future. I was afraid of what might be revealed about me, but curiosity had driven me to Readings by Margaret just east of Donlands on Danforth Ave.

Margaret has been a resident and business owner on the Danforth for fifteen years and is an active member of the community. “I love the Danforth. I find there are a lot of different cultures and people here.”

Margaret, a kind, middle-aged woman with a calming effect over her clients, takes her talent seriously, “It’s a passion of mine. My grandmother, mother, myself, and my daughter all have this talent.” Her talent consists of palmistry, tarot, and psychometry. For my visit, Margaret gave me a palm and tarot card reading.

Through reading the lines on the palm of my dominant hand, Margaret was able to discern that I have a lucky palm. But, she cautions, my palm’s luck is limited. According to Margaret, palms are hard to read because the lines of your hand change every year.

Tarot Cards

Wary but encouraged, Margaret moved to the tarot cards. Having never met before, Margaret knew nothing about me before beginning; however, she told me things about my life she couldn’t possibly have known. She looked at the cards like she was reading pages from my diary, giving intimate and private details, going so far as to bring up a lingering relationship that not many know about and I certainly hadn’t told her about.

My reading morphed from a need to satisfy my curiosity to a sense of awe; it’s something that will stay with me for a while. I’m glad that I went to Readings by Margaret and take comfort in knowing that my future may not be completely random.

There is something truly poetic about fortune telling; maybe we aren’t completely separate from those around us. Our pasts, presents, and futures are written on our bodies, and someone with a special talent can discern them if we’re only willing to listen.

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