Just Desserts on the Danforth

Wondering what dessert to get on the Danforth? Find out what shops serve up the best sweets.

By: Teresa Morgado

Serano Bakery
Serano Bakery offers all the traditional Greek pastries like baklava, phyllo, and kokakia (a cream filled pastry covered with melted chocolate). Serano Bakery also serves up many classic desserts including a wide range of cakes. The bakery has so many freshly baked cake slices you will have a hard time choosing just one.

Jade is a long time customer of Serano Bakery, “Every time I head out to the bakery I think I know what I want, but once I get there I see something that looks so good and I have to try it.”

Try the strawberry short cake, the cake is moist, the cream smooth and the strawberries fresh.

Hansenʼs Danish Pastry Shop
The Danish Pastry shop offers cupcakes, Danishes, cookies, tarts, pies, brownies, cakes, and even a lunch special. There are dozens of different types of cookies – everything from sugar cookies to classics like chocolate chip. The butter tarts come in different sizes and if youʼre in the mood for a Danish the only trouble you will have is deciding what filling to have; try favourites cream cheese, cinnamon swirl or cherry. Hansenʼs brownies are true brownies. The cake is soft, moist and chewy and the frosting is thick and chocolaty. Once you have one, you will continue going back for more. The same can be said for the chocolate cupcakes. Both the cake and frosting is exquisite and they are a perfect together.

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