Thumbs Down for the Green Hornet

A disclaimer before you read this review: I have not read The Green Hornet comic books nor do I know anything about the franchise, I was just looking for a good movie.  Having worked at a Rogers Video store for six years, I think calling myself an avid movie lover would be an understatement. I went to see The Green Hornet at Carlton Cinema on a Tuesday, which means I only paid $5 for my ticket. That was one of the only redeeming aspects of the experience.
I found myself actually wincing at the cheesy writing; it seemed like even the actors knew they were delivering horrible lines. Which is why I was surprised to see that it was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg – the same duo to bring us Superbad (a super good movie).

The Green Hornet did contain some redeeming chuckles and an interesting performance by Christoph Waltz (last year’s Oscar winner for best supporting actor in Inglorious Basterds). The direction is not even worth discussing and the score did not keep me awake.

In short, Rogen and Goldberg should stick to comedy, and it doesn’t matter how many pounds you lose for a role if nobody likes the movie.

Final verdict: 4.5/10

Points were lost for awful writing, lack of plot, and the malodorous man sitting in the row behind me.


  • Alison G.

    Me and my friends went to see this because one of my friends was convinced it was the movie starring Ryan Reynolds (The Green Lantern) – we were 40 minutes in before she realized that Ryan Reynolds was not going to appear and save us from this ridiculous movie.

    What you didn’t mention was that the movie is 3D, and completely unnecessarily. When the movie ended, not only did I want my 2 hours back, I had a headache from the stupid 3D glasses.

  • TMR

    First of all, sadly everything is in 3D these days, no matter how unnecessarily.
    Secondly, the Green Hornet definitely could have been much better then it was. Even though they weren’t able to get Jet Li to play Kato (and thus play homage to Bruce Lee in that role), Jay Chou was surprisingly good. But sadly one man cannot carry the entire movie.

    It seems your final verdict is indeed correct.

    Ps: I can’t wait to see how The Green Lantern turns out- I thought Ryan Reynolds was much better suited to play The Flash but he tends to make anything work 🙂

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