Lindsay Ulrich

Managing Editor and Health & Wellness Editor

Toronto native Lindsay Ulrich does double-duty at On The Danforth online as both Managing Editor and being one of the Health & Wellness editors. One of the highlights of her role, she says, “is being able to interview people.”

Introducing Lindsay…

On The Danforth: If you had to eat the same meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Lindsay Ulrich: Cheese and zaatar manakish.

OTD: What’s your favourite smell?
LU: End-of-summer campfires.

OTD: What’s the most interesting trip you’ve ever taken?
LU: A 3-month backpacking trip in Europe with my best friend. We went to so many countries, but Spain really stood out. There’s nothing quite like drinking cava at midnight on the beach with old and new friends.

OTD: If you could be any animal, which would you be?
LU: Mountain goat.

OTD: What’s your number one health tip?
LU: Spend time with a good friend as often as you can.

What is Lindsay going to do in the future?

Lindsay hopes to start her own small press. She’d also love to work in book editing or production.

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