Cassandre Cadieux

Chief Copy-Editor and Food & Drink Editor

Not only can she correct your grammar, but she can also recommend the best sushi restaurant on the Danforth, suggest a mouth-watering shortbread cookie recipe, and concoct a delicious tasting smoothie. Cassandre Noreen Cadieux double fists the role of co-chief copy-editor and Food and Drink editor. Even though she gets to taste test her way around the neighbourhood, her favourite part of the job is copy-editing. “I love looking for details and meticulously going through an article. I love taking something great and making it practically perfect.”

Cassandre tells us more…

On The Danforth: If you were a food, what would you be and why?
Cassandre Noreen Cadieux: Is it weird that I would choose mashed potatoes? They are creamy, delicious, and such a comfort food. I’d like to think that people find my presence comforting like mashed potatoes. They also remind me of home, because they were a staple at my house.

OTD: iPhone or Blackberry? Why?
CNC: I have a Blackberry, and I couldn’t live without it. But if it keeps crashing, I will become an iPhone person−consider yourself warned Blackberry! I like it because of BBM, and I can still talk to my brother and some friends I have overseas without paying an arm and a leg. As soon as Apple has developed something as good as BBM (that has no bugs), I’ll most likely switch.

OTD: How would you describe a sunset to a blind person?
CNC: I would describe it as an amalgamation of colours that change the sky into something that you can only see at that moment. I would also say that while it’s pretty, it can also be sad because it means the day is almost at its end. I feel like time is moving way too fast.

OTD: What’s your stance on Taylor Swift?
CNC: I’m a country music fan, and I think Taylor Swift needs to decide whether she wants to be a country singer or a pop star. She doesn’t have the voice or the stage presence to be both. Make a decision Swift!

OTD: What is your best travel memory?
CNC: My first year of university counts as the most amazing year I’ve ever had. I spent it in the south of England, in a castle, going to school. We had Fridays off so we could travel weekends. It was absolutely the best way to spend a year. I got to “take my year off to travel” while also doing University: the best of both worlds! I think I saw about 15 countries in eight months while doing five credits. It made me fall in love with Europe.

What are Cassandre’s hopes for the future?

“Eventually I’d like to be managing editor of a magazine. I’d also like to work in YA books and being an editor doing that would be amazing!”

Keep track of Cassandre, here:

Twitter: @cncadieux

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  • Sabrina M.

    Cass, Apple HAS invented a few things that let you text internationally for free!!!! Get on it 🙂



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