Tina Jin

Chief Copy-Editor

On The Danforth online’s chief copy-editor, Tina Jin, has the daunting task of making sure no tiny detail is missed. Born and raised in Cardinal, Ontario, her favourite aspect of being on the OTD team is reading articles that teach her more about the Toronto area.

This is Tina…

On The Danforth: Describe yourself in three words.
Tina Jin: Honest, cheerful and practical.

OTD: What book has affected your life the most?
TJ: Anne of Green Gables

OTD: Are you a morning person or an evening person, and why?
TJ: I’m a morning person, because then I can use all the hours of the day successfully!

OTD: What inspires you?
TJ: Great works of art, whether in writing, music, visual or drama.

OTD: What’s your favourite thing about Toronto?
TJ: The TTC. It allows for all the great places in Toronto to be accessible and close.

Where does Tina hope to find herself after graduation?

Tina hopes to work in the publishing industry after graduation.

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