Work(out) from Home

Tired of trudging off to the gym but don’t want fill your home with workout equipment? If you are bored of your current workout, or lack thereof, consider the following at-home fitness options

by Amy Postma

Being an active person who loves physical activity but loathes the monotony of the gym, I have compiled a comparison of what to expect from a small selection of at-home workout options. In determining what you may enjoy or benefit from, keep in mind that your workout preferences may depend on your personal level of fitness, your own focus and motivation, and how hard you are willing to push yourself.


Beachbody DVDs include the popular P90X series and the newer Insanity DVD set. Both come as a complete fitness plan with multiple DVD videos targeting different areas of the body, ranging from stretching, to cardio, to strength training. Each program has a suggested duration and includes a full nutrition guideline to maximize your results as well as trainer support via their online community. These programs are for people with at least an intermediate level of fitness or who are serious and determined to get in shape quickly.

Best for those who: want a full fitness and nutrition plan and love pushing themselves at a high intensity.

Not for you if: you have little experience with exercises that require more strength and coordination.

Level of fitness: Intermediate to Advanced

Cost: 3 payments of $39.95

Weight training with the P90X DVDs

Wii Fit

Wii Fit is one of many video games that cater to full-body engagement. After creating a profile and measuring your current weight, body mass index, posture, and balance, the game determines a fitness target to aim for in a specific amount of days, such as losing 2 lbs in 2 weeks. It measures your calories burned and time spent playing short games from 4 categories: balance, aerobics, strength training, and yoga. The games are relatively low impact, a lot of fun, and are great for people just easing into working out.

Best for those who: need to be actively engaged and lack some personal motivation.

Not for you if: you desire high intensity and dramatic, quick results.

Level of fitness: Beginner +

Cost: Console plus game is approximately $250


Getting my blood pumping with a Wii Fit boxing game


You can get creative and make your own workout with the help of YouTube. There is a whole wide web of fitness videos available for you to create your personalized workout. It requires, however, some research into reputable videos as well as discipline and personal accountability.

Best for those who: would rather not spend money on DVDs, trainers, or classes, enjoy variety and flexibility, or have taken a specific class in the past and want to continue at their own convenience.

Not for you if: you would benefit more from a predetermined workout plan or class.

Level of fitness: Beginner to Advanced, depending on video choices.

Cost: Free

All of these workouts include a disclaimer to check with a physician before attempting them— except, of course, YouTube— but the same will apply when you begin any fitness program.

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