Accessory Shopping At Its Best!

Add style and pizazz to your look with fashionable eyewear and other accessories while shopping on the Danforth

by Kaylynn Gaspar

Accessories are a great way to compliment your clothing. What better way to add style and class to an outfit? Various looks can be achieved by swapping accessories when alternating outfits. Among my personal favourites are shoes, bags, clutches, scarves, and jewellery. I could spend hours gazing at the treasures behind glass showcases, wishing that the idea of affording them was a reality.

On the Danforth, I have ventured into many boutiques that offer a wide variety of accessories that are unique and elegant. One particular store that I noticed offered many different types of accessories is Felicia’s Fashion Accessories.  This store has a collection of elegant jewellery, exotic semi-precious treasures, stylish evening bags, and basically any kind of accessory you could be looking for. They are located on the Danforth, just west of Pape. They even offer custom beaded work, and lots of silver and crystal pieces which fall right under my price range, as compared to the very expensive jewellery that I self-admittedly fantasize about wearing.

Another fail-safe location to accessorize that is one of my personal favourites is Shoppers’ Drugmart. You really can’t go wrong at Shoppers’. Their collection of accessories is affordable and beautiful. Admittedly, it is a little bit main-stream and your chances of discovering a unique item are lessened; but that does not mean it should be overlooked when looking to accessorize. There are a few Shoppers’ Drugmarts in the neighbourhood, and each one contains a section with decent quality, affordable accessories.

One very effective accessory that adds pizazz to your look and also offers a practical function is eyewear. A great pair of glasses can certainly compliment or add to a person’s appearance by increasing confidence and enhancing their style. One great place to check out in the neighbourhood is Modern Optical on Danforth Ave. Modern Optical has existed in the Danforth neighbourhood since 1968, and I had a chance to speak with Gary Sarantopolous, who has been with the company for about 25 years. It was his father who started the business, and Sarantopolous enjoys helping people choose frames that will help them achieve better confidence and impact their style. Glasses are a great way to add detail to a look, and are a great way for men to accessorize. Sarantopolos often gets asked for his opinion when people are shopping for glasses. The eyewear expert says that “existing customers are generally quite happy with their previous pair of glasses, so they absolutely consult my opinion. New customers, too!”

I find that somebody’s choice of glasses can alter the portrayal of their personality. There are so many different looks with glasses; you have the retro-round style, the heavy rectangular or bolder style of frame… your choice can even lend to your desired “geek” or “chic” look. On the Danforth, there are so many different places to explore for fashion accessories. Each and every place offers unique items, so the possibilities of style are quite far-reaching. Consider a stylish pair of glasses to change-it-up, and draw attention to your dynamic personality. Accessory shopping can be so much fun, and the Danforth is a great area for it.

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