Latte Love on the Danforth

Greektown in Toronto’s east end is home to a lot of local, independent coffee shops. I set out to find some of my favourite places to grab a double-shot latte on my way to school, and I have listed my recommendations in the order I visited them.

El Greco (968 Pape Ave.)

El Greco is a quaint espresso & snack bar. They are a favourite for local football fans so they tend to have a football game on TV. They have one of the best prices for a latte at $3.50. Their espresso is moderately bold and they have a wide variety of pastries to choose from. They are also one of few cafés that offer Greek Coffee or have a patio.

Leonida’s (484 Danforth Ave.)

Leonida’s is primarily a chocolate shop so you can get handmade chocolates, or just get a small taste with the complementary chocolate they give you with your coffee. The espresso is strong and costs $3.75. Also a bright, quiet space, with awesome hospitality for the early bird who needs a spot to sit and finish some work or read the paper.

Marvel (792 Carlaw Ave. or 6 Donlands Ave.)

Marvel has two espresso bars in Greektown, each just north of the Danforth. Their fun, modern diner aesthetic is matched by the friendliness of the baristas. They have a moderately bold espresso and a delicious array of pastries, including croissants, scones, and the beloved macaron! It is $4.75 for a latte, and they have a loyalty card offering you your tenth coffee free.

Goat Coffee (893 Pape Ave.)

The warm exposed brick and the eclectic staff-generated music playlists give Goat Coffee a fun, unique charm. Their bold espresso is popular among Centennial students because of the close proximity and the good price of $4.00 plus the benefits of a buy-9-get-the-tenth-free loyalty card. They also have fresh pastries to grab when you are in a rush, or you could stay and order a delicious soup or sandwich.

The Only Café (972 Danforth Ave.)

The Only Café is a wonderful location with plenty of personality. They have an espresso bar in one section of the unit, a juice bar in another, and also a separate dining room. They pride themselves on all the drinks they serve, but their moderately bold espresso is tried and true costing $4.15 for the latte.

Red Rocket Coffee (1364 Danforth Ave.)

The eastern-most café, Red Rocket Coffee is warm, quiet, and family-friendly. Their espresso is bold and the latte costs $4.70. Scones, cookies, and muffins are made fresh in the store and they are one of the only spots with couches if you want to sit down with a friend or relax with a good read while you enjoy your coffee and breakfast.

Photography by Laura Bowman

Laura Bowman hopes to turn her love of reading and story telling into a career. She also loves cats, coffee, sports, and travelling when she can.


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