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Sautéing in Style

Kitchenware that puts the “fun” in “functional”

by Leslie Clark

Cooking is a great way to let your creativity shine, and when you have beautiful tools to use, it can give you that little extra boost. This selection of utensils and kitchen implements from Canadian designers and retailers are lovely, quirky, and unique, but still functional.

Littledeer is a Quebec design house whose sophisticated wooden cookware balances modern lines with rustic materials. One of my favourite pieces is these maple tines ($65 for set of four on a limited-time promotion), which can be used in place of chopsticks when eating sushi or stir-fry. They are also useful to pick up and turn food. The company is also famous for The Half Sheller™ ($75 for two on a limited-time promotion), a dish that allows you to both shuck and present oysters. Littledeer products are available at many stores in Toronto, and you can also contact them directly if you’d like to design a custom piece. For more information and a list of stores where you can purchase Littledeer products, please visit their website.

Steelforme, based in Ontario, uses stainless steel in their pieces for a clean, futuristic look. This snack caddy ($61) is an elegant way to present nibbles at a cocktail party. They also offer a matching caddy for cream and sugar ($44). Steelforme products can be purchased on Amazon.com, and you can also contact Steelforme directly to find a local retailer. For more information and to view a catalogue and price list, visit their website.

Paderno is a Canada-wide company that produces cookware, utensils, small appliances and more.  I love this adorable bird-shaped lemon squeezer ($7), which is both whimsical and practical. Or you can dress up your table with an antique style pepper mill ($50) in one of two different colours. You can shop for Paderno tools on the company’s website, at one of eight Toronto retail stores, or one of over 300 stores nationwide. For more information about where to buy, or to view a catalogue, please visit their website.

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