Street Style: Danforth Edition

By: Alexandra Davies

It has been a wild couple of weeks in the world of fashion. From New York, London, Paris, and all the way to Milan, the major Fashion Weeks are sweeping the globe with new and upcoming trends for the year ahead. We are seeing a major focus on florals, collared tops, fringes, metallics, graphic tee’s, and every shade of pink in the book.

While exploring the Danforth, we have seen a couple of these trends already in full swing. One accessory in particular is making major waves nationally, and is probably easier to spot on the Avenue than a Greek restaurant. If you haven’t seen for yourself, the Team Canada toques and mittens are everywhere you look. This Olympic collection has become a Great White North staple to accessorize any outfit. Not only is the Olympic wear practical for Canadian weather, it is also a chic way to show support for our team. Us Canadians know how treacherous our winters can be, but we still find ways to tailor our fashion despite below-freezing temperatures.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for this week’s edition of Danforth Street Style.

Rachel paired her metallic navy coat with a matching knitted hat and a complimenting red and yellow patterned scarf.

Name: Rachel D.

Hat: Forever 21
Scarf: Roots
Coat: Novelti (from Sears)
Jeans: Bluenotes
Boots: Aldo

Favourite fashion piece: Dresses! I love them because they are a little more formal and girly.

Fashion Icon: Emma Stone. I love everything about her—especially her killer style.



Mike’s formal pea coat and scarf combo is lightened up with a pair of blue jeans and a Toronto Maple Leafs hat.

Name: Mike D.

Scarf: A gift from my girlfriend
Gloves: Calvin Klein
Coat: Hugo Boss
Jeans: Calvin Klein

Favourite fashion piece: I have about nine hats that I like to wear with different outfits.

How do you stay warm and fashionable: My girlfriend picks out most of my winter stuff so it all ends up matching nicely.



Liz shows off her Canadian pride with Team Canada mittens.

Name: Liz O.

Scarf: Fairweather
Gloves: The Bay
Coat: Laura
Pants: Reitmans
Moccasins: SoftMoc

Favourite winter piece: I love scarves—I have so many of them. I have all different colours and patterns that I match with every outfit.

Fashion Icon: I get my outfit inspiration from mannequins in store windows when I shop.

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