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By-Election Profile: Christopher Porter

Canadian Action Party Candidate Christopher Porter shares his vision for a more open and involved Parliament

by Vanessa Pinto
Christopher Porter

Christopher Porter feels strongly about Canada benefitting from its resources: the rich multiculturalism in the riding. As leader of the Canadian Action Party, Porter feels strongly about having all views within the riding represented in Parliament. One of his largest goals is fostering a close relationship with the people of the community, and making sure their views and needs are represented.

OTD: Can you tell On the Danforth readers about your political life?
CP: My political life started in the South Pacific when I watched a small resource rich country get taken over in the name of peace. I was shocked to see that in our own Great Canada, resources [are often] exported without being manufactured locally. I joined and became the leader of the Canadian Acton Party to ensure that Canadians receive the benefit of our vast resources.

OTD: What is one thing that stands out to you about the Danforth neighbourhood?
CP: I love the multiculturalism of the Toronto-Danforth riding. You can literally eat around the world walking the Danforth strip. This lends to a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood that shows you the true spirit of Canada.

OTD: If elected, what is one thing you would change to benefit the riding?
CP: The one thing that could truly be changed to benefit the riding is offering more opportunities for the voters to be involved in the decisions made in Ottawa on their behalf. Too many parties focus on following the party line. The party line does not include all views of the electorate of the riding. I would make certain that there was a multiple of resources available for people to express their views. Polls, town halls, online information sites, etc. can all be better utilized to truly involve the people in their governance.

OTD: What are the views of this electorate that you feel are not being represented?
CP: The electorate are tired of the same old, same old. [Voters] need to feel that they are voting for something that Canada needs. I empower people to believe that together we can make a difference if we ensure policies are in place that protect the voters. That is why I work so hard on the introduction of direct democracy and proportional representation right at the riding level.

OTD: What is your vision for Toronto-Danforth?
CP: My vision for Toronto-Danforth is to embrace the diversity of the riding, to become an example for the people, and to regain their direct involvement in their governance. The people resources of the Toronto-Danforth are great and they all can contribute in creating a template that other electoral ridings will want to emulate.

OTD: How do you feel about running in the late Jack Layton’s riding?
CP: I am honoured to be running in Jack Layton’s old riding. He was a true hero of the Canadian political system based on his direct one-on-one relationships with the electorate. I [will] work hard to ensure that I am as open and personal with the people as he was.

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  • JJ

    This is kind of ridiculous. Your job is supposed to be to follow the party line- that’s why people vote for you.

    Also I googled you, you might want to check wikipedia where it says you export dolphins. Whine about our natural resources not being used but then go ahead and exploit marine life.

  • Christopher Porter

    JJ, I would do some additional research. Solomon Islands kills dolphins for their teeth and meat. They use the teeth for currency. So yes I did export some live dolphins but I also raised their value within the Country by keeping them alive. This also stopped thousands from being killed. The Wall Street Journal did a story on this as the value of the teeth was raised in their culture because they were no longer killing dolphins. The export directly benefited the Country and the people. That is what I am talking about regarding Canada exports. Whole round logs being exported without any employment for saw mill workers is a disgrace. I am open and transparent and expect the same. Feel free to ask any questions you have but appreciate if you would hold off judgement till I answer it. I am the Leader of the Party and so do have a direct role in the “line of the party”. The line of the Party make decisions for the best interest of Canadians by involving all Canadians in the decisions.

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