Little Libraries on the Danforth

This year’s spring issue of On the Danforth features the Little Free Libraries that have been appearing all over the neighbourhoods surrounding Danforth Avenue. These miniature libraries set up along sidewalks allow residents to share books with their neighbours without having to worry about late fees or library cards. I’ve put together a photo collection of some of the beautiful libraries created by Danforth residents, along with their addresses so you can find one nearby. Let me know in the comments if I missed any, and be sure to check out the full story in the spring issue!

391 Milerton Blvd.
127 Parkmount
127 Parkmount Rd.
81 Coleman
81 Coleman Ave.
50 Wolverleigh
50 Wolverleigh Blvd.
32 Epsom
32 Epsom Ave.
31 Muriel
31 Muriel Ave.
207 Glebemount
207 Glebemount Ave.


22 Gates Ave
22 Gates Ave.
Langford Ave.
Langford Ave.
84 Caithness Ave.
84 Caithness Ave.
165 Glebeholme Ave.
165 Glebeholme Ave.


Tania is the managing editor for the spring issue of On the Danforth. She loves London Fogs, short stories, and art museums. Follow her on instagram (@taniarenee) for occasional photos of things that catch her eye while biking around Toronto.

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  • Jay

    Thank you for this list of Little Free Libraries. I’m hoping to get out to the Danforth area this winter to do a LFL tour of the area.

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