Does This Make Sense?

BY FRANK RUSSO (@ComedyRusso)

Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?

How many times can a politician imply that “if you’re not terrified of ISIS, you’re a pussy” before realizing that literally makes no sense?

Why are religious zealots so concerned with the unborn, yet have no sympathy for the living?

How does Scientology exist in the information age when there are people still alive who know how its creator liked his coffee?

If wages are stagnant and profits are at record highs, why did a Big Mac combo jump from $5 to almost $10 within my lifetime?

Do privatization advocates who say “rising tides raise all boats” understand how Tsunami’s work?

How do people not notice the irony of creating a website—wirelessly from their cellphone, through servers miles away, to be seen on electronic devices world wide—that denies science and evolution as being a hoax?

Why do the most bigoted advocacy groups always have “family values” somewhere in their name?

If you’re already free to move where you want, say what you want, and believe in anything, what exactly is your “freedom fighters” group after?

How is demanding “religious freedom” to oppress and discriminate not bigotry?

How does more war solve our war problem?

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