7 Practical Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Friends

What do you get for the geeky friends who are sure to have nearly every piece of paraphernalia associated with their favourite fandoms? Sure, figurines and posters are a safe bet, but after a while, they can get pretty boring and don’t add much value other than looking pretty on shelves and walls. So, here are a few gift ideas that bring together geek and practicality! Warning: a slew of seriously terrible puns are up ahead!


Pikachu Coin Bank

This adorable coin bank brings me back to the days of the Blue and Red versions on my Game Boy Colour. It’s the perfect gift for the friend who always seems to have loose change in their pocket and great when they’ve gotta save ‘em all (I told you there would be bad puns)!

Find it here.


Stark and Targaryen Bookends

Bring the noble houses of Stark and Targaryen into your friend’s library with these beautiful faux-stone bookends. With the Targaryen three-headed dragon and Stark direwolf as loyal guards, no one would dare dog-ear or tarnish the margins of any book.

Find it here.


Harry Potter Comforter/Bed Set

Complete with one queen-sized comforter and two pillowcases, this bed set will make you feel like you’re rooming in the very dormitories of Hogwarts itself. One look at your super comfy bed (printed with the esteemed Hogwarts crest, might I add), and anyone will want to Slytherin.

Find it here.


Batman Cookie Jar

He might not be the hero Gotham needs right now, but he’s the hero that your cookies deserve. If you’re not into the Caped Crusader, there’s also Superman, the Tardis, and even Spock-shaped cookie jars to guard all your favourite treats.

Find it here.


Death Star Waffle Maker

Couldn’t score tickets to the latest Star Wars movie premier? Eat your sorrows away with some Death Star-shaped waffles! Just pour in your favourite pancake mix, wait a few minutes, and voila! Your waffles are crispy and warm and ready-to-eat! The iron is also a coated, non-stick plate, so it’s easy to clean for even the busiest Sith.

Find it here.


Tetris Lamp

This seven-piece, multi-coloured lamp is the perfect accessory for any geek’s desk. The Tetris blocks can be stacked and assembled just like in the original game, and light up when they’re connected. Be warned: this is potentially a great distraction for the ever-desperate student looking to procrastinate!

Find it here.


Star Wars USB Drives and Reader

Choose among your favourite Star Wars character to protect and transfer all your information from your laptop or cell phone to the galaxy beyond! Each one is less than 2-inches tall, and can even be used as a keychain. Note: SD memory cards are not included.

Find them here.

Photo courtesy of Lorena Guillen

Kat is a believer in the healing powers of red lipstick, needs at least two daily cups of coffee to function properly, and is a fierce defender of the Oxford comma. She is still waiting patiently for her Hogwarts letter.  Follow her on Twitter: @_katreads.


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