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OTD Recommends: Places to get things done around Greektown


Trying to break that bad Starbucks habit? Need a new place to get work done on the east side of the city? On the Danforth staff recommends their favourite places to get things done. And trust me, we are the experts.

Riverdale Perk

A classy hideaway just south of Withrow Park on Logan Ave., this coffee shop and eatery is a busy spot in the heart of the residential area south of Greektown. From their delectable snacks to the tasty espresso, there are plenty of items to keep your stomach satisfied and mind focused. During the warmer months, their patio is the perfect place to enjoy a book in the afternoon sun. As the weather cools, plenty of couches and tables are available inside for you to get down to business. -Peter Gleason, Summer Food & Drink Editor

Crema Coffee

Crema Coffee Co. has a clean, modern setting, and the coffee is strong but not bitter, and very enjoyable. Their philosophy is of the “café,” which is inherently “run by individuals, for individuals.” They have the standard selection of espresso-based beverages, but also have the addition of the “cortado,” which is my personal favourite, and in most coffee shops an “off-menu” drink. I’m not an “off-menu” customer, so this is a nice touch. They have a light menu consisting of sandwiches and baked goods, and the café is small and quiet except for the casual conversation of their friendly baristas. You’re likely to hear contemporary music at a reasonable volume by artists such as Hozier or Jack Johnson. -Robbie Patterson, Online Managing Editor

Goat Coffee Co.

Lots of table space, good coffee, and a warm atmosphere; what more could you ask for in a study spot? Goat Coffee Co. has all of these things wrapped into one cozy coffee shop. Stop in, enjoy a laidback view of Pape Ave. while sipping your freshly prepared coffee and working to your hearts content. And if you’re feeling a little mid-work snack Goat Coffee has you covered with a variety of treats to keep you going all through that essay due tomorrow. – Danielle Staring, Online Editor-in-chief 

The Shmooz

A new café south of the Danforth on Pape, The Shmooz is a fantastic spot to get stuff done and feel apart of the community. The café gets plenty of natural light from the big windows, and the large tables give enough room to actually hold a laptop, a book, and your sandwich plate. The baristas and owners are friendly and make fantastic and healthy paninis, soups, and other snacks. There are seventeen fair trade, organic teas, plus coffee options to choose from for a jolt of caffeine. Plus, for every bag of coffee beans bought a dollar is donated to your choice of one of two local charities! -Laura Bowman, Spring Sales Director

The Court Jester

If peaceful coffee houses aren’t your thing, why not try out this busting bar on Danforth Ave? The Court Jester has an inviting interior and a lovely, open-air patio for the warmer months. Enjoy a drink at the bar while you read of pick a booth and order some classic bar food. The Court Jester has everything you need to sit back, relax, and get that final project out of the way while simultaneously enjoying a fun night out. – Danielle Staring, Online Editor-in-chief 

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