Shop for Everyone Along the Danforth

The holidays are hard. How can you get the perfect gift for everyone on your list while still trudging through your daily activities? With the added stress of holiday parties and end of the year work schedules, holiday shopping can be hard. This list will help you get to everyone on your list, all in one neighbourhood!

The Music Lover

The Danforth has something for every music lover. Aside from the obvious concert hall, check out these music themed gift ideas!

The Vintage Fan

Comb through the racks of these vintage stores to find something truly unique for that person whose motto is, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

The Kids

Shopping for children this holiday season? These shops will ensure that you’re the favourite.

The Active One

We all have that one fit friend who makes us all look bad. Check out these shops for that workout guru in your life.

  • Find a biker’s heaven in Cyclemania, a staple along the Danforth
  • For all the fitness crazes, from kettlebells, spinning, and crossfit, Energia has got you covered
  • Everywear Garment Co. has all the clothing your fitness fanatic could ever want

The Question Mark

Do you have that one person who is too difficult to choose for? Here are some weird and wonderful shops to give you some quirky ideas.


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