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What’s in a Routine? The Emotional, Mental, and Physical Benefits of Skin Care

Not knowing what to do tomorrow is scary. No matter how boring, or how mundane a routine is, it’s better to have one than nothing at all. A routine keeps you grounded, and it keeps you in control. You feel like you have control over the circumstances of your life, and even the tiniest amount of control can make you feel strong and empowered. But when the lockdown was officially active, I lost my routine. I lost my feeling of control; I lost myself. I didn’t know what to do next. When I had my routine, I always knew what would happen next, or the next thing to do. I lost my “next.” I was truly in unknown territory — in a type of limbo, you could say. I slept all day (I still do, but not as much). This was the first time, in about seven years, where I didn’t have a proper routine.

The only routine I had was my skin care routine. Every night and morning, I would do the same thing again and again. Skin care became the only thing I had control over. I could add an extra mask, or do a peel, or try a new lash serum. This was the one thing I knew I had complete control over, and it felt good. I knew there was something in my life that the pandemic hadn’t taken over. And then I realized that, besides the obvious benefit of achieving healthier skin, my routine also helped my spirit. This routine anchored me to my days. It kept me calm, and it made me look forward to something familiar. Something that I had before the pandemic.

By doing my routine, I was also doing something nice for myself. In the scary times of a pandemic, doing something nice for yourself is hard. There isn’t that much we can do. Still, even the smallest thing you do for yourself helps you feel good. Making my skin feel good, made me feel good. My mood was more positive.

By caring for your skin, you’re giving yourself the kindness it needs. Right now, everything is just scary and stressful. Sometimes even splashing our face with water seems like too much work. But if you think of it as taking care of yourself, or adding a little perk for yourself, your body reacts positively, and it shows. By spending just 10 minutes on yourself, you are telling yourself that you matter. It gives you a confidence boost and gives you a sense of control.

Half of our face is covered by a mask, and that is completely fine. But sometimes, a new lipstick, a clean-shaven face, or a trimmed beard is what gives us our daily energy boost. And that got taken away during this pandemic. However, taking care of your skin can bring that back. It’s the renewed self-confidence and control that we need right now, when everything seems uncertain.

Don’t think you have to spend hundreds of dollars on skin care. My favourite sheet mask is the watermelon face mask from Sephora, which is about $7. Never, ever underestimate the power of even a gentle face massage. It doesn’t even have to be done with any fancy facial rollers or other equipment — the gentle touch of your fingers is all you need. As long as your routine is good for you, with no harmful ingredients, your skin will thank you. And that appreciation will just make you feel like a rock star. I promise you.

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