Where to Watch UFC 206

Almost 6 years ago the UFC first broke boundaries (and records) and leapt up North to visit our beloved Toronto. GSP was defending his title and Aldo gave Hominick a massive hematoma (will we ever forget that?). Despite its success, it has been 3 years since the octagon has graced Toronto with a fight night. Now it’s a very different story. Cormier has recently pulled out of the fight due to an injury, so he sadly won’t be defending his Light Heavyweight belt. However, this Saturday December 10th, Holloway and Pettis are battling for the chance to fight Aldo, who is now the Featherweight Champion after McGregor relinquished the belt. Although the lineup may not be what you were expecting or hoping for (GSP return anyone?), if you can’t afford tickets, a Toronto bar is the next best option. Here are some places to watch UFC 206:

  1. Wally’s
    Though technically not on the Danforth, this Broadview bar will provide the whole experience. You can play pool while placing bets with friends on who’s going win; bonus points for how and when (I’m saying Cerrone by submission in the second round).
  2. Rally’s
    This bar is in East York, meaning it may not be as crowded for the big event. I make no promises as these are exciting times my friend. There are no bad seats in the joint and the food is delicious to boot.
  3. Shoeless Joe’s
    With most of the franchise locations broadcasting UFC 206, you can take your pick!. And if you have trouble finding seats, keep trying more locations!
  4. Fox and the Fiddle
    This Danforth staple even has games in the back of the bar to play between fights. Challenge your friends (or random bar-goers) to who-can-hit-the-hardest on the bag.
  5. Wild Wing
    Beer, wings, and UFC go together so nicely. I suggest the Peppercorn Ranch for the faint-of-heart (like me) or Sweatin’ Bullets for anyone who’s feeling ballsy.

If these great bars don’t do it for you, check out this website for all the bars showing the event.

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