Watching Marvel Through WandaVision

For the first time since 2009, Marvel Studios had not released anything for an entire year. Coming off of such a huge success with Avengers: Endgame, everyone was excited for the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They’ve planned the release of Black Widow — postponed until 2021 — which was meant to be a prequel to their current storyline. However, Marvel, which is owned by Disney, was able to get a bit more creative with their storytelling thanks to the steady expansion of Disney+ and started their first television series, WandaVision.

Much like a lot of things Marvel brings to the forefront, the series started as a mystery. The targeted audience, mainly long time Marvel fans of both the movies and comics, looked for the slightest hints in trailers, announcements, and interviews to see what the latest project would be about. When it came to WandaVision, Marvel kept a lid on everything, only releasing the premiere date of January 15th, 2021 exclusively on the Disney+ platform. This ambiguity left everyone in suspense, and even had some critics questioning how good their first television show would be compared to their movies; similar to anything new, there was doubt.

Now with only two episodes remaining, WandaVision has become my favourite show. I’ve been able to learn quite a lot about Wanda and her storyline, and I’m sure everyone who’s watched the show would agree with my conclusions. There are no show spoilers in this article, but there will be references to previous MCU movies.

1. Wanda is Really Strong

The first time we get to understand how powerful Wanda actually is, is in Avengers: Infinity War when she needs to destroy one of the infinity stones while fighting the mighty Thanos. She also proves her strength a second time in a toe-to-toe rematch with Thanos and forces him to get help from his army, while everyone else who had tried to fight him, failed. We see her use her ability of telekinesis and energy manipulation, but it now seems she can access another level of her powers, which is highlighted in the show.

2. Wanda Wants to be “Normal”

We’re originally introduced to Wanda at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She was a volunteer with Hydra for an experiment where only her and her twin brother survived, but with newly gained superpowers. In the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie she fights against the Avengers to protect her country of Sokovia, and later ends up joining the Avengers through a series of events and revealed hidden intentions. Her decision to join the Avengers shows that she doesn’t want to fight for power, but simply wants to do the right thing and maintain peace. In WandaVision we see her lead a regular life through a television sitcom based in the 1950s, through to the 2010s, where she seems to be the happiest on screen and does anything to protect that happiness.

3. Marvel Always Knows What To Do

Although there was doubt before the series had even started, it only took a few episodes for Marvel Studios to restore faith in all of its fans. The first episode shows that Marvel pays attention to the most minute details and characters, then makes something out of them. Every episode after has been constantly raising the bar. There’s always a nod to something that only those who have been following the MCU since 2008 and comic book fans would understand. So ultimately, it’s their attention to detail that puts them on their own level and allows them to make great content every single time.

If you’re a fan of fiction and superheroes, you’ve probably already started this show and are enjoying the same rollercoaster of emotion that I am. But just in case you haven’t started it yet, I highly recommend doing so. I’m sure there will be something grand in the season finale, until then, we’ll be waiting.

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