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Best Places to Pamper Your Pet on The Danforth!

Canines and felines and rodents, oh my! Whatever kind of pet you have, they’re bound to bring a lot of joy into your life. But, to do your job as their caretaker right, you have to know all the best places to go that specialize in pet care. Whether you’re a new pet owner, or a veteran, here’s a helpful guide on some of the best pet places that the Danforth has to offer! 

Dog lying sleeping on the grass in a park.
Bailey-Mae taking a little nap. The photo is provided by the author.

Check up! 
It’s always a good idea to do your research beforehand and choose the best practice that works for you. Health-care professionals have had a tough few years; many put their own health on-the-line to continue to provide care and services to the people and animals of their community.  
There are many highly rated veterinary clinics in the Danforth area—if you’re looking to book an appointment for your pet, here are some practices to consider: 
Woodbine Animal Clinic—1905 Danforth Ave 
(Rating: 4.7/5—on Google) 

Metro Animal Hospital—2646 Danforth Ave 
(Rating: 4.8/5—on Google) 

Main Street Veterinary Clinic—170 Main St 
(Rating: 4.8/5—on Google) 
Stock Up! 

Now that we’ve covered physical well-being, it’s time to spoil your pet rotten! Treats, toys, textiles, you name it, these pet stores will have it. Make sure you stock up on all the supplies you’ll need (both for the long-term and short-term) and take your pet with you to enjoy their own personal shopping spree. 
Here are some of the best independent pet stores to visit on the Danforth: 

Small Wonders Pets—148 Danforth Ave 
(Rating: 4.6/5on Google) 

Wag On the Danforth—1918 Danforth Ave 
(Rating: 4.9/5on Google) 

Bark N Scratch Pet Foods Ltd—2404 Danforth Ave 
(Rating: 4.7/5on Google) 

Two cats on a grey cat tree.
Foster siblings ready to pounce! The photo is provided by the author.

Get Going! 

While everyone wishes they could spend all day with their pets, the reality is that sometimes life just gets in the way. Luckily, there are a variety of pet services available to help owners! They make your responsibilities just a little bit easier to manage, while also allowing your pet to do more than just stay at home: 

The Canine Social Company Ltd is located at 1872 Danforth Ave. They offer grooming and “spaw” services, as well as doggie daycare and boarding. According to their website, there’s also a boutique within the building that carries “a wide range of high quality, [mostly Canadian] eco-friendly products.” You can check-out their website at:   
Snouts Out Dog Walking & Boarding is located at 123 Woodmount Ave, East York. They offer (you guessed it!) dog walking and boarding services. Even if you’re busy, your doggo can strut around town with their fellow canines. As per their website,“Snouts Out is fully bonded, licensed, insured, and Pet CPR certified,” so you know they take the care of your pet very seriously. You can check out their website at:  
Goober Rides, located at 123 Danforth Ave, is a new and unique pet transportation service, which allows people without access to a vehicle the ability to book rides. Whether it’s to the vet, to the store, or to an event, Goober has you covered! As stated on the Goober Rides website, they are sure to “provide a safe and easy way to travel around town with your pets! [A] friendly and prompt chauFUR at your service!” You can check out their website at:   

Now that you know exactly where to go, it’s time to grab your fur-ever friend and have an adventure! There’s no telling what new places and experiences await you. Whether you’re two-legged or four-legged, I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty tired of staying inside. So carpe diem

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