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Four Hidden Instagrammable Spots to Find on Danforth Avenue

Instagrammable refers to photos that are visually appealing to be shared on Instagram; also a location good for photo taking.  

The Danforth, apart from the title of Greek Town, is an area full of hidden Instagrammable spots. If you are someone who loves photography, here are four places you may want to visit!

  1. Holy Name Parish 

71 Gough Ave, Toronto 

When it comes to the Instagrammable locations on Danforth Avenue, Holy Name Parish church with 109 years of history must be a place classical lovers look for. It was designed in the style of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome and was built of stone imported from Indiana. Throughout its construction and establishment, this Catholic Church has experienced two world wars and the Great Depression. It has truly witnessed many important parts of our history.  

  1. Down the Danforth Mural 

        583 Danforth Ave, Toronto 

In 2020, Greek Town was shrouded by the effect of COVID-19. To help local businesses recover from the pandemic, the City of Toronto introduced #DestinationDanforth by using public art to restore customer confidence, including several fascinating murals. One of the murals that may catch your attention is finished by artist Poser.  

Poser is a Toronto-based graffiti artist, his work can be seen throughout Toronto—especially near some large-scale productions or trains—which can be identified by his signature bunny character.  

According to Poser, “this design celebrates the local heritage, architecturally and through visual feel.” Standing in front of the graffiti for photos, it gives an interesting illusion, that you are walking into this beautiful and colourful art piece.

Person in front of a mural finished by artist Poser
  1. Alexander the Great Parkette 

Danforth and Logan Avenues, Toronto 

In the heart of Greek Town, a delicate and tiny park can be found. It is beautifully named Alexander the Great Parkette. Inspired by the golden ratio, the park is a combination of concrete colonnades, a statue of Alexander the Great, and a quaint fountain. Although the park is small, you can easily take a bunch of unique and beautiful photos at these spots. Especially during Christmas, the trees will be covered with dazzling fairy lights and the fountain will be replaced by a huge Christmas tree, infusing the park with winter romance. 

  1. Carrot Common Courtyard 

348 Danforth Ave, Toronto 

Carrot Common courtyard can be easily distinguished because of its unique outlook—also due to a dazzling installation located at the entrance of the courtyard. With pearl-like white balls hanging on the tree coupled with an eye-catching big red heart installation, this courtyard is a perfect place for photography to share with your online friends.

Person at Carrot Common courtyard

Photography can be an affordable and pleasurable hobby for every person. With a smartphone on hand and a stunning location as the background, not only can one create lots of amazing photos, but also make many valuable memories, which can be kept for a whole lifetime. As you can see, Greek Town is obviously a hidden gem waiting for you and your friends to explore.  

***All photos are taken by the author.

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