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Outfits of the Danforth

The Danforth is a neighbourhood that exudes culture, art, fashion, and an overall cultivated lifestyle, which is something I am not used to. I just finished my undergrad in a smaller Ontario city, where there seemed to be no personal style, creativity, or expression.  It was very mundane and uninteresting seeing the same thing every day. But now, coming to the Danforth for school, I have been enjoying being a part of the east-end neighbourhood and experiencing what it has to offer in terms of restaurants, coffee shops, artist spots, and most importantly, clothing stores.

The neighbourhood is full of so much culture, acceptance, and expression, and the local clothing stores play a huge part in this, especially when within close walking distance from your home or work. Many of these stores are full of curated picks, which allow shoppers to find unique pieces to add to their wardrobes. Instead of going to big-name stores where you will find the same basic article of clothing that everyone else is wearing, the local stores help add to the Danforth’s positive fashion sense and originality.

“Clothing, at the end of the day, is an expression of who you are, and who you want to portray to the world.”

Interior of Good Intentions
Photo by Laura Silva
Message on Good Intentions' window that says "shop local women-owned businesses"
Photo by Diana Mejia

One store that adds to the originality of the Danforth fashion is Good Intentions. This boutique focuses on having products, accessories, and clothes that are from women-owned micro-businesses. Here, you will be able to find trendy vintage pieces and accessories for your wardrobe while supporting a local women-owned business. The owners pride themselves on carefully selecting products with valuable intentions, while also making your shopping experience better by being streamlined and stress-free; allowing for effortless and ethical shopping.

Vintage Depot is a popular thrift store, and for good reason. This thrift store is always stocked, organized, and well-priced. Many customers and locals go to the Vintage Depot for truly everything and anything. They have a range of clothes from graphic tees to comfy sweaters, dresses for everyday wear to formal wear, and a solid selection of pants. This store feels more like a vintage boutique than a thrift store by how much care the employees put into hand-picking options for their customer base. For thrift lovers on the Danforth, this is definitely a top spot to go and find some authentic and original finds.

Pink Martini is a boho chic store that has a mission of selling comfortable and stylish pieces while also being sustainable. This store has a beautiful and clean atmosphere, making shopping for contemporary and long-lasting pieces easy and enjoyable. This store definitely fulfills its promise of having stylish and comfortable items, making them staples in your closet. Pink Martini also encourages the empowerment of women by having clothes that promote confidence, fashion, and overall beauty. This store is a go-to boutique on the Danforth for all ages to find the perfect sweaters, cardigans, and dresses for any occasion.

These are just some examples of local boutiques and thrift stores that the Danforth has to offer, keeping it a lively, fashion-forward area. Many of these boutiques supply or purchase from other local businesses, helping to foster strong business partnerships and to keep business within the neighbourhood, and Toronto. Shopping locally keeps money within the community, further adding to its dynamic atmosphere. The local stores on the Danforth are what keep it a popular and prominent neighbourhood to visit and live in.

On the Danforth, you have a variety of different individuals like chefs, bakers, students, local store owners, and families on the go that make for a busy and lively area. Because of this, the style ranges from person to person, roaming the streets in dynamic outfits whether it be during a morning commute or simply a run to the grocery store. The reason for the Danforth having a strong fashion sense is because no one is afraid to be themselves. Clothing, at the end of the day, is an expression of who you are, and who you want to portray to the world. Whether you go for thrifted outfits, monochromatic looks, or fun dresses, this neighbourhood doesn’t shy away from creativity and embraces original and personal looks. Whether you live here, or are just coming to this neighbourhood to enjoy some amazing food and check out some of the popular bookstores, you can see how the community and area have worked hard to make it a welcoming and reliable place to be yourself. The fashion scene is just one of the many significant aspects of how the community fosters individuality, personality, and acceptance. For someone who is on the Danforth frequently, I couldn’t be happier to feel like a part of this community, and I have to say, my fashion game could not be better.

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