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Indulging Your Inner Artist

Lessons offered on the Danforth and around the city to help flex your right brain

by Michelle Medford
February 14, 2009; Corvallis, Oregon; by David Robert Wright on Flickr

In the dead of winter, joining a class in the arts can be a great way to get out, meet new people, and take a stab at that lifelong dream you’ve always had. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to salsa dance or you’re just looking for a new way to express yourself, art classes aren’t a tough find in the city.

The Twelfth Fret School of Music

Many of us have wanted to learn to play an instrument at some point in our lives. If you haven’t picked it up yet, it’s not too late. The Twelfth Fret guitar shop, located just east of Woodbine subway station, offers lessons in guitar, bass, mandolin, violin and banjo. Whether you’re looking to pick up a Willie Nelson twang, thrash out alongside Slash or even just brush up on music theory, these lessons can be a great start. Lessons start at $22.50 for each half hour session.

Henry’s School of Imaging

Nearly everyone nowadays has a camera phone, but a lesson in photography can go a long way. Henry’s offers several classes monthly at their various locations (the closest is at Church and Queen streets) in a variety of areas, from travel photography to studio photography to just figuring out how to use your point-and-shoot. Although prices run a bit steep at $75-175 each, a few tips in photography is a practical take-away.

Joy of Dance

In the winter, we don’t get out as much, so dance can be a great way to keep fit and learn some new moves. Joy of Dance, near Broadview station, offers a variety of dance styles (from Bollywood to ballet to burlesque) to a range of ages, not to mention several options of payment (single classes, class packages and registered classes). Single classes start at $18.

Clay Design Studio

If you’re not afraid to get a little messy, you might want to try your hand at pottery. Clay Design Studio, near Spadina and Bloor, offers a 10-week course that runs you through the basics and teaches you how to make unique clay pieces. Classes are $375, but include the homemade home decor and gifts that you’ve made. They also offer pottery workshops for two. Ghost, anyone?

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